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Blog: 4 Reasons Your Retail Business Needs Two-Way Radios          Published: 08/06/2022

4 Reasons Your Retail Business Needs Two-Way Radios

Retail premises being open to the public creates security risks to staff and customers. According to the British Retail Consortium, retail crime was up by 7% in 2020. To protect themselves and their customers against these incidents, many retailers are considering new strategies for deterring and preventing crime.

Alongside CCTV and other security safeguards, two-way radios could be an effective solution for retail venues looking to provide higher security standards. Let’s look at the main ways in which your business could benefit from using two-way radios.

1) Improved communication

In large shops and supermarkets, effective communication involves prompt and timely information sharing and coordination between staff members often widely separated across the premises. Two-way radios facilitate this as they enable real-time communication between all members of staff across the shop floor, car park, checkouts, stock rooms, warehouses, and offices.

2) Better customer experience

To a great extent, a good customer experience is the result of efficient communication between employees. For example, two-way radios enable faster exchanges between staff on the shop floor and in the stock room when customers enquire about items not on display, saving time and addressing queries faster.

Because of improved communication, supervisors can also provide a more agile response to larger volumes of customers and quickly assign staff to tills to reduce queueing time. The retail sector is very competitive and delivering a seamless experience is key to customer loyalty.

3) Better security

Employers have a duty of care to staff and members of the public while they’re in their premises. Although the risk of accidents cannot be 100% eliminated, there are things you can do to ensure your staff response is up to standard if the unexpected happens. If an incident occurs, a two-way radio system can save vital time and help staff obtain assistance quickly. Two-way radios also help security staff respond faster to instances of shoplifting, antisocial behaviour between customers, and intimidation of colleagues.

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Two-way radios are an effective tool to help keep retail premises secure and profitable. DTS Solutions offer a wide range of discreet and durable two-way radios for retail stores. Our radios are compatible with other security and building management systems that you may have in place and can also be scaled to support organic business growth. To find out more, book a free consultation with a DTS expert today.