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Blog: 4 Signs That Your Two-Way Radio Needs Repairing           Published: 01/11/2022

4 Signs That Your Two-Way Radio Needs Repairing

Two-way radios are an essential piece of equipment for many businesses due to their ease of use for communication and security. Handsets are susceptible to wear and tear over time, so it’s vital to recognise the signs that your two-way radio may soon need a repair or complete replacement, so it doesn’t catch you by surprise later. Here’s what to look out for:



1) Depleting battery

Over successive charging cycles, a radio battery’s lifespan will deplete to the point where charges need to be more frequent. Eventually the battery may die completely, or at least need almost constant charging to remain useful. If you notice less service life coming from your charges, it’s likely a sign of an ageing battery that needs replacing.

2) Poor audio quality

The speaker on your two-way radio gradually accumulates dust and other tiny bits of debris. These are so small that they often go unnoticed, but the accumulation of a large quantity of dust will ultimately affect the audio quality of your radio. It’s the same with any piece of technology that uses speakers and is why new products have a fresh crisp sound quality that older technology may be lacking.

3) Screen or housing damage

Sometimes no matter how careful users are with their handsets, accidents can happen, and radios will inevitably suffer wear and tear as time goes on. External cracks and scratches present an opportunity for dirt and dust to enter your device and cause internal issues with the operating mechanism. For this reason, even minor damage to the radio casing or screen should be addressed as soon as possible once it is noticed, and the handset should be given a thorough visual inspection if it is dropped or impacted in some way.

4) Damaged antenna

The radio antenna is essential to the device functioning effectively. All signals being sent and received go directly through the antenna, so any damage may impact the radio’s voice clarity, transmission, and range. As it protrudes from the device, it’s also easy for users to bend or fold without realising. Look out for cracks and tears that could reduce signal quality.

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Thankfully all the above issues can be easily and quickly fixed by swapping out the parts affected. Our certified engineers have years of experience servicing and repairing radios in our dedicated maintenance workshop. With manufacturer-approved parts and a fast turnaround, repairing your faulty radio is often cheaper than purchasing a new unit. To find out more or to log a fault, please call 01480 407740.