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Blog: 4 Ways You Can Maintain Your Two-Way Radio            Published: 01/12/2022

4 Ways You Can Maintain Your Two-Way Radio

Nowadays, many businesses use two-way radios in their everyday operations. These handy communication devices are a great investment, as long it you don’t run into maintenance issues.

To enjoy the full benefits of two way radio solutions and ensure they’re profitable, it’s better to take a proactive approach and have a regular maintenance routine. Two-way radio maintenance can help detect issues early, so they can be addressed before they become a full-blown problem that requires a costly replacement.

To help with this, we’ve put together a two-way radio maintenance checklist.



1) Store your devices correctly

Since two-way radios are electronic devices, they’re sensitive to environmental factors like humidity and temperature. The best radios are created to be functional at a wide temperature range, but things are different when they’re not in use.

Optimal storage conditions for two-way radios means:

– Storing them at ambient room temperature (around 20°C).
– Keeping them away from direct sunlight or a source of heat, like radiators.
– Storing them in a dry room, as moisture can damage the equipment.

Make sure the radios are switched off when not in use or between shifts. Batteries should be removed and stored in cool and dry conditions if the radio is not going to be used for a while. Avoid storing batteries in Ziploc bags – it’s better to keep the original packaging and store them inside.

2) Make sure that the radio is regularly charged

Even if your radios are not in use, you want to make sure their batteries are topped up and ready to go whenever you need them. While in storage, check battery levels regularly and charge them as needed, making sure to use compatible chargers.

You should know exactly how long a full charge lasts and unplug the charger once it’s done. Try to avoid overcharging the radio or leaving it plugged in overnight, as this can affect the overall battery life and cause overheating.

3) Keep the radio clean

Dust and electronic devices don’t get along. Dust build-up on two-way radios can cause performance issues and malfunctions, like overheating and poor contact between switches and connectors.

Use a soft cloth to wipe dust off the entire device, including buttons and battery contacts. Avoid using cleaning sprays, as they can cause rust and damage components. If you use damp materials to clean your handsets (such as antibacterial wipes), make sure the radio is fully dry before storing it.

4) Be mindful when using it

Two-way radios are delicate electronic devices and must be handled accordingly. Your radio handsets will perform at their best if you follow these recommendations:

– Don’t pick up or hold the radio by the antenna. This habit will affect transmission quality and increases the chances of accidentally dropping the unit.
– Use branded accessories (chargers, battery decks, clips, etc.).
– Don’t expose the device to extreme weather conditions, unless necessary and the device is rated for extreme temperatures.

What next?

DTS Solutions puts at your disposal a team of experienced engineers who deliver two-way radio maintenance to keep your equipment working at peak efficiency. Have a look at our Maintenance Contracts Page to see how we can help with two way radio maintenance.

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