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Blog: 5 Benefits of Using Hytera Body Worn Cameras         Published: 18/07/2023

Body-worn cameras are becoming increasingly popular in a range of industries as they offer an extra layer of protection for personnel who work in high-risk professions, such as law enforcement, security, and even healthcare. Hytera body worn cameras are among the best on the market, offering numerous benefits to users which, in this article, we will outline.

The advantages of body worn cameras:

1. Durability and longevity

One of the most significant benefits of Hytera body worn cameras is their durability and longevity. Robust and designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, Hytera’s are an excellent choice for outdoor use but are equally suited to indoor locations. Also, they are water-resistant and dustproof and able to operate in low light conditions to 0.2 lux. Additionally, Hytera body worn cameras have a long battery life, capable of operating for up to 12 hours, with a recharge time of only eight hours.

2. Increased safety

The use of body cameras can help staff to feel safer in the workplace. These cameras act as a powerful deterrent against aggressive or violent behaviour as offenders are aware that their actions will be captured and recorded. Additionally, if an incident does occur, the watermarked footage can be used as irrefutable evidence in court, ensuring that the perpetrator is held accountable for their actions.

3. Versatility

While body worn cameras are commonly associated with law enforcement and security, they are an asset in many industries. For example, healthcare professionals can record interactions with patients in hospitals where aggression and violence is, regrettably, common: according to research, 30 per cent of NHS staff experience violence once a year, while 5 per cent are attacked weekly. Our body cameras provide healthcare staff with additional protection that will reduce the risk of verbal or physical aggression. Similarly, transport workers can use the cameras to record incidents of antisocial behaviour and provide vital evidence should offenders be prosecuted.

4. Safe data storage

Hytera cameras have a safe data storage system to reduce the risk of valuable evidence being lost. As the cameras are waterproof, they can store data safely, even if exposed to water. The recorded footage, which is encrypted for security and integrity, can be easily transferred to the Hytera software, so videos can be quickly downloaded and analysed, while the user is unable to access, modify, or delete recordings on the unit to guard against evidential tampering.

5. Pre-recording feature

Finally, Hytera cameras have a pre-record feature that allows the user to activate the camera 20 or 30 seconds before they need to capture footage of an event. This allows the user to prepare for an incident, ensuring that they capture all necessary footage, and helps to reduce the risk of missing vital evidence of a fast-paced or evolving situation.

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