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Blog: 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Avigilon Cameras For Your Organisation       Published: 04/01/2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Avigilon Cameras For Your Organisation 

Employee and customer safety is a priority for any organisation. A 2017 study revealed that installing security cameras in the workplace reduces security concerns among staff by approximately 50%. Avigilon CCTV cameras are discrete devices that offer multi-faceted views of busy environments, providing better safety and security for employees, customers, and visitors. When paired with Avigilon ACC (Avigilon Control Centre) software and analytics, your Avigilon cameras can provide a highly advanced range of features, offering automation and intelligence to support your security procedures and help your security personnel.

There are several reasons why you should consider installing an Avigilon camera system on your premises.


1) Inbuilt Facial Recognition Software

The Avigilon Control Centre (ACC) uses artificial intelligence (AI)-powered facial recognition technology that facilitates quick identification of persons of interest. ACC’s facial recognition technology simplifies various identification contexts and provides reliable information about security situations for better decision making by your control room and your security team ‘on the ground’. You can use ACC’s AI-powered cameras as an active surveillance management tool, or to facilitate easier crime detection and incident resolution. As a result, your organisation will be in a better position to identify security threats in real time. Facial recognition is just one of ACC’s innovative features that make an Avigilon solution ideal for planning security operations for special events, hospitality environments, and peak retail times – e.g. the busy weeks leading up to Christmas.

2) Advanced Search Function

A complete Avigilon solution has an incredible search feature that allows you to do more than an ordinary CCTV system. With the ‘Avigilon Appearance Search‘ feature in your ACC, you can isolate specific items in the footage, including:

  • A person’s height and gender
  • A particular item of clothing a person of interest was wearing
  • The specific time when an event of interest happened

Vehicles can also be located on footage in a similar manner. It isn’t just a case of entering a search term either, as operators with ACC can upload a photo or select previous images of the person or vehicle of interest. The intelligent search feature will then suggest further images, allowing the search to quickly and easily be refined further. With ACC, there’s no need to scroll through endless hours of video to find exactly what you need.

The feature can also deconstruct finer details of a video, including the facial analytics of a person. This innovation simplifies the process of surveillance checks, especially in the event of suspected security breaches, and can also be configured to grant authorised staff quicker and easier access to restricted areas via Avigilon’s Access Control.

3) Unusual Movement Detection (UMD)

Avigilon ACC software does more than recording and replaying video footage. It incorporates AI and machine learning to master movement patterns and process information, distinguishing ‘normal’ activities – e.g. browsing shelves in a shop, from unusual movements, such as loitering outside a restricted area, or shadowing another person without good reason.

This can extend to vehicles and objects as well as people. For example, say the camera learns to detect only one car in the car park with no other movement at night. This becomes the cameras “normal”. When the camera notices a change from the norm, it can raise the alarm at your Avigilon Control Centre – e.g., if it detects unusual movements of other cars at night, or if the expected vehicle disappears.

This movement recognition feature can detect thefts of items from shelves, person-to-person crimes and can also identify when suspicious objects are left in unexpected areas – e.g., on a railway line or at a platform.

The control centre is web-based, so you can view content on your PC, tablet, or mobile in real-time and take action immediately, without the need for input from an operator in a Control Room.

4) Focus of Attention

Is your Control Room filled with walls of monitors, broadcasting an endless sea of camera footage that your Operators have become immune to? The Avigilon Focus of Attention features is a smarter way to monitor your CCTV set-up, and from fewer screens.

User-friendly and intuitive by design, the Avigilon Control Centre can be laid out to display each of your cameras in a hexagonal, honeycomb-style layout – each with its own icon. A glance at a camera’s colour-coded icon will show the camera’s status, flagging areas that need attention. For example, a blue hexagon indicates motion detection on that camera, where a yellow icon highlights more pressing events such as unusual activity detected or facial recognition match event. Using a mouse and hovering over a hexagon will bring up a preview of that camera’s live video stream. Alternatively, you can click the icon to access the full camera view, allowing for actions such as replay of the previous events.

Focus of Attention provides an easier and better method of overseeing your site’s cameras, putting the control back in the hands of your Operators and Security Supervisors.

Install your Avigilon surveillance system today

Consider an Avigilon camera solution if you are in the market for a CCTV system that can meet your security needs. At DTS Solutions, we provide a range of high-quality commercial-grade cameras and intelligent back-end software that can help you enhance security on your premises. Contact us today for expert help installing your CCTV cameras, or book a demo to learn more about our surveillance products and services.