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Blog: A Guide To The Best Two-Way Radios To Use In Schools     Published: 11/10/2021

A Guide To The Best Two-Way Radios To Use In Schools

In schools, colleges, and universities, the safety of students and staff is paramount. School leaders have a responsibility to keep students safe, but it isn’t simply a legal necessity: a safe and nurturing environment also promotes high levels of academic attainment, creative learning, and social stimulation.

At DTS Solutions, we supply a variety of two-way radios for schools which, when integrated with the school security system, can help to create the safe environment in which learners can thrive. Which models are the best two-way radios currently available for schools?

1) Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ DP4801e

The GPS-enabled Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ DP4801e digital two-way radio is designed with the demanding needs of schools and other educational institutions in mind. High-performance integrated voice and data, full connectivity to your organisation, and a host of advanced features make this model an excellent choice for larger schools seeking proactive ways to reinforce their security.

2) Motorola Solutions EVX-S24

Compact but bursting with features, the Motorola EVX-S24 is incredibly easy to use, making it ideal for educational settings or off-site learning. With up to 256 channels and 16 groupings, it’s simple to connect to other users whenever needed and, with analogue and digital capability, it can be integrated into an existing fleet of two-way radios.

3) Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ SL1600

Managing children can be challenging at the best of times, so the MOTOTRBO™ SL1600 offers simple, everyday use while retaining all the features and accessories you could need in an educational setting. As one of the most robust models in the Motorola Solutions range, the SL1600 is sure to resist the wear and tear of daily use, either in school or off-site*. All features can be accessed one-handed, with no complicated buttons, while the advanced security features ensure help arrives promptly if a critical incident occurs.

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