Alarm Handling Systems

Automatic and intelligent dispatch to increase safety and efficiency of your business.

Make your business a significantly more efficient and safer workplace through automatic, intelligent dispatch of alarms.

An Alarm Control Solution integrates your two-way radios, mobile phones and even email system with your existing alarm control systems e.g. fire alarm. 

The facility can be programmed in various ways, and is tailored by our Systems Team to meet your specific requirements. Once an alarm is activated, automated systems protocols are initialised, dispatching messages to predesignated users. This will allow them to investigate the alarm and to ascertain the level of emergency, preventing the need of a full evacuation and emergency services being called out unnecessarily.

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  • Icom
  • Hytera
  • Kenwood
  • Motorola
  • Motto
  • TBO
  • Vertex
  • Sepura