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Avigilon Access Control Manager System

The Avigilon Access Control Manager System (ACM) is a physical access control system for enterprise-class installations, designed to help you focus on securing your people, property and assets, while giving you the flexibility to respond to alerts wherever you are. It seamlessly integrates with ACC software to provide you with a powerful and unified security solution that helps you proactively monitor and secure your sites.

Secure Operating System

An open-source Linux® platform provides protection against network vulnerabilities.

Retain Existing Investments

Capitalize on company investment in existing hardware by moving from proprietary or unsupported hardware to the ACM system.

Easy Synchronization & Role Management

Enforce policy restrictions, meet regulations and reduce the risk of duplicate data entry by integrating with external IT and HR identity management solutions. Map physical access to enterprise roles such as departments, locations and titles.

System Redundancy

Optional hot standby-auto failover solution automatically saves policies, settings and identities from any one primary appliance to a standby appliance.

FIPS 201-2 Certification

FIPS 201-2 certified and approved for government and federal agency use in PIV credentialing and physical access control system (PACS).

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