Entel EPoC Advanced Dispatcher

Are you running a busy control room?  Do you need to keep track of multiple radios and workers at once?  You’re going to need a simple, efficient way to keep close tabs on all your users.  The Entel E-PoC advanced dispatcher software is built to help bring Entel devices and users closer together than ever before.

In your control centre, you will need access to several tools and standards.  For example, a great dispatcher suite should give you the option to monitor radio users on real-time GPS mapping.  What’s more, you should also be able to record local comms for future analysis to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Thankfully, the Entel E-PoC advanced dispatcher software gives you all of this functionality and more besides.  While there is a basic system available from the same brand and specialists, the advanced suite will give you all the support you need from day to day.

Features and Facilities

E-PoC’s advanced dispatcher system will allow you to broadcast across a wide array of different radios and units.  You can queue calls, set up bespoke contact books and send text messages through SMS and email gateways.  You can communicate to various groups of users, or one, or two, on private bases if you need to.

One of the best features of E-PoC’s advanced system is the emergency protocol.  You can monitor each and every device in your fleet on a lone worker basis, meaning that if you fail to hear back from a user after direct contact, you can request support from others in the field.

The intuitive map interface will also allow you to directly trace and approach users in a wide field.  Real-time GPS monitoring means you always know where your users are at short notice, and that you won’t have to spend long periods searching and scanning for radio pick-ups in an expansive area.

You can also set up geofences and customise your maps as you go.  You can keep a complete history of GPS for each device as well as for your own scanning and searching.  Details are precise and will regularly update, meaning there is no fear of E-PoC’s dispatcher going obsolete any time soon.

Get Started with E-PoC

E-PoC’s advanced dispatcher may offer plenty of bells and whistles, but it is impressively easy to set up and start using.  You will need at least 500GB of disk space to start using the software, however, it is not a memory drain.  Simply make sure your Windows device (of at least OS 7) has a CPU of at least 2GHz and that you have 8GB of memory on-board as standard.

The Entel E-PoC advanced dispatcher system is customisable, flexible, and very easy to get to grips with.  Its incredible map detail and ease of group contact will allow you to keep a close eye on everyone you are responsible for.  All dispatcher software should do the same – but for now, E-PoC leads the way in a manner that’s pleasing and never tricky to warm to. Browse the rest of our apps!