Entel E-PoC IOS/ Android Mobile App

Do you communicate with Entel and E-PoC devices regularly?  Do you find it hard to connect or to maintain a clear channel?  The Entel E-PoC app, available for iOS and Android devices, should help to make things run that little bit smoother for you.  After all, without quick, easy communication, you could end up losing out on some very important conversations.

The E-PoC app allows you to communicate with a wide variety of Entel devices without the need for a two-way radio.  With your own user account and login credentials, you can not only keep track of where your team is, but you can even communicate with them without the need for external devices.  This could cut down on a lot of hassle and missed messages, particularly if you are struggling to make the most of the radio technology you have to hand.

Entel E-PoC IOS/ Android Mobile App

What Does the E-PoC App Do?

Just as you would expect to monitor and communicate with radios on your Entel fleet through a standard two-way system, Entel’s dedicated app transforms any modern smartphone into a comms device all on its own.  This means that you have greater flexibility if you are already using a smartphone, and if you are finding it difficult to manage dispatch through other devices.

One of the huge benefits of the E-PoC app lies in the fact that you can take your control room on the move.  There is never a need for you to stay in one place!  With unlimited scope, you can use the E-PoC app to communicate with various applications and modules elsewhere.  What’s more, this also means you can scale apps up and down with your evolving business needs.

Emergency features in place enable you to contact radio users through alarm buttons and to monitor lone workers.  This way, you can call your whole team to action if you need to.  The app consumes very little power and memory, which means you don’t even need to keep the program open.  Minimise the app and still receive calls and comms from the whole team.

Further Details

The E-PoC app stands proud as a great choice for communications teams who need to stick together.  There’s no radio interference, and there is also zero chance of you dropping signal.  Simply make sure you have a sturdy data connection, a modern smartphone, and plenty of battery life!

The E-PoC app is designed to work with a variety of other Entel products, including suites and hardware.  Therefore, if you already use Entel radios, you can incorpoate it into your fleet without any hassle or complaint.

If you do wish to expand your communications array, it’s time to start bringing apps to your team’s phones and tablets.  Removing the need for licensing and ongoing fees, downloading the E-PoC app for the whole team may be a cost-effective solution that works wonders for years to come.

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