If you operate several Entel devices, it may be a good idea to start thinking about recording communications between users.  You are well within your rights to do so, as well as to track and monitor radios and hardware while they are in use out in the field.  Thankfully, E-PoC provides a flexible and comprehensive way for you to ensure you have backup across all Entel systems and radios.

The Entel E-PoC Recorder brings multiple tools together to help you record comms across your entire fleet.  Want to monitor how your radios are being used?  Record and store clear voice comms on a database that’s fully searchable for deeper analysis.  E-PoC stores recorded data via secure server at Entel, however, only you will have access to the recordings you create and playback.

Advanced Tracking and History

While it’s likely you will work with a team you trust implicitly, it is always a good idea to have some form of backup in place.  E-PoC’s recorder will not only allow you to record and retrieve voice communications from across all Entel radios in your fleet, but it will also let you track users in real-time via GPS.

E-PoC’s friendly and intuitive software will allow you to analyse GPS histories, too.  Therefore, you’ll be able to keep even closer tabs on where your teams are going, and how they are spending their working hours.  This is a fantastic resource to use if you worry about user safety in the field, or if you have concerns over the productivity of your team.  It is not a snooping device – it is control that you are fully entitled to wield.

You’ll also be able to record emergency and group calls from Entel radios, too.  Keep tabs on when users change channels, and when they disconnect from other users.  For safety and security, you’ll also have power over when logins are used and when credentials change.  This way, you’re making sure only the team members who have authority over their logins can sign in and out.

Further Details

The E-PoC Recorder suite offers more than just real-time recording and monitoring.  As part of its extensive post-job reporting, you can even export data and communications in .CSV and .WAV formats.  Therefore, if you need to take the information you record to another program for deeper analysis, you can.

What may surprise many control room users regarding this software is the fact that it is so simple to start using.  There is very little training needed, and you can bring it into your existing control software array without disruption.

The E-PoC Recorder works on Windows systems of at least OS 7 at 32GB.  E-PoC requires 4GB of RAM and at least 300GB hard drive space.  Providing you have these basic requirements down pat, you can hit the ground running with intuitive recording software that’s ready to go as soon as you are.  Keep your teams safe with recording and monitoring that’s neither intrusive nor infringing on any rights. Browse our full range of Entel PoC products!