The Globalview IP-ConneX Gateway is a Radio Over IP (RoIP) interface allowing multi-site communication. Working in pairs, the Globalview IP-ConneX extends the range of the radio system over an IP network.

By directly connecting to a mobile radio, any voice traffic received by the connected radio is then  transmitted over the network and any voice traffic received over the network is transmitted back out of the connected radio.

The Globalview IP-ConneX gateway is compatible with both Motorola Solutions or Hytera connected mobile radios.

Configuration is achieved using the mobile -friendly built-in  web server connected through the IP-ConneX own Ad-hoc Wi-Fi. Browse our Globalview range.

Globalview IP-ConneX interface image

Ip connex feature

RoIP  solution that allows communication between different sites, no matter how far apart.

Ip connex feature

Allows different radio systems to communicate. Even equipment programmed with different frequencies can use IP-ConneX, whether its Motorola to Hytera or VHF to UHF.

Ip connex feature

The dashboard and settings can be easily viewed by a web page on PC or mobile devices, with real-time updates on device status.

Ip connex feature

A stand-only requires a fixed mobile and internet connection to allow communication.

Ip connex feature

Works in pairs with one device required at each end to allow communication.

Ip connex feature

If the local connection between the devices is lost,  IP-ConneX sends an alarm to notify the user, allowing action to be taken before becoming a problem.

Additional Features

Alarm Handling – Enable and disable alarms.  Voice alarms are broadcast via two-way radios should there be a loss in connection. Example ‘Remote Connection has been lost’

Licence Manager – Easily manage all aspects of the solutions via the Licence View Function.

Error Logs – The solution cleverly displays information and errors in real-time, which allows for fast issue resolution.



Download the IP-ConneX brochure below for specifications and topology diagrams, or call us for further information and pricing examples.