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Voice Recorder

Globalviews Voice Recorder is a simple, cost effective solution to log two way radio voice traffic. Easily record as many groups as needed, for improved accountability, safety and service.

Key Features

  • Fixed Mobile: Easily record all voice calls through a control radio
  • Conversation Record: Clever batching of all calls within the hang time
  • Straightforward Logging: Calls are logged with date/time, call length and caller ID’s
  • Full Audit Trail: Improve accountability, training and customer service
  • Simple Playback: Easily search and play individual or grouped calls
  • Storage: Files stored locally or in the cloud as WAV/MP3 files

6 reasons voice record makes good business sense

There are many reasons why keeping a record of business radio communications is a good idea, these recordings provide you with vital information and a record of what was said and by whom. They can help with everything from training to customer service, just some of the most popular are covered here.

Call recording can be hugely beneficial in staff training, provide examples of what to do (and what not to do) in a variety of scenarios. New recruits and existing staff can learn from these good and bad examples to improve safety, service and efficiency. They are an invaluable tool to help your workforce stay prepared for any situation.

Investigating the cause of an incident. Having a clear understanding of the event basis will help change working practice and improve training; making sure that all possible actions have been taken to avoid a re-occurrence in the future.

To maintain service level agreements (SLA’s), meet key performance indicators (KPl’S) and keep your customers, you need to be providing excellent customer service. A lot of the service you provide will include radio communications – recordings can be used to review and analyse how effectively tasks are dealt with by your staff.

One of the biggest benefits call recording can offer businesses is evidence. If a lawsuit or legal issue comes along, you will have evidence in the form of audio recordings to support your case – or confirmation that the business is in the wrong and avoid lengthy legal costs.

During a punitive meeting it can be useful to use recordings, this way the parties concerned can’t deny they said something when there is a full, clear record of all communications. A full picture of communications before and after will also be available. This protects you, and it protects the employee.

Ensuring that a business is complying with regulatory procedures or safety standards is essential to business continuity and the safeguarding of your workforce. Recordings can be used to establish that the necessary Health and Safety steps are being taken and confirm compliance.

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