Your two-way radio system is an exceptionally powerful tool, release its full potential with InteraX software solutions.

While you may already be using an efficient two-way radio solution, how efficient is your control room?  The quality and efficiency of your dispatch solutions relies on fantastic software.  Interax is a communications suite which allows you to take complete control of your fleets, all the while ensuring that tasks are completed on time and to expectation.

Interax is a single-suite communications solution.  It is one of the most popular choices for modern businesses and operations thanks to its simple design and setup.  It works on three basic modules and principles.  It offers lone worker support, alarm monitoring and job scheduling.  You can choose to purchase and set up any one of these modules separately, or you can buy and install the whole package with ease.

Many businesses struggle to handle false alarms.  Interax promises accuracy and multi-stage reporting; therefore by using Interrax, you will save more time and energy not having to dispatch a worker to a potential disaster every five minutes!

Interax promises to encourage quicker responses to genuine emergencies and will also allow you to deliver discrete alerts and concerns to radio users without sounding any major alarms.

The system’s lone worker control and report system will also make sure you have clear access to each and every member of your team.  Keep in constant touch with your workers through periodic alerts and updates.  Escalate matters to other radio users through SMS or discrete updates.

Above all, Interax offers a three-step escalation solution.  To cut down on false alarms and potential lost cost and time, you can raise alerts and inform your team of ongoing concerns one stage at a time.  The Interax suite enables you to ramp up the alert as and when you’re ready to, never offering a full meltdown option by default.

Job Management Made Easy

Delegating and monitoring remote work and tasks isn’t always straightforward.  That’s why many people choose Interax.  The Interax task management suite allows you to set up multiple jobs and activities and to gain clear, real-time reporting on where each of your team members are.  You can build a complete digital audit of work undertaken and completed.  It therefore helps you to ensure the safety of workers, as well as to hold them accountable for any tasks you set them.

Create job tickets and send to multiple or solo devices as you wish.  Schedule jobs and alerts, as well as communications to send to specific teams and specialists.  Above all, use Interax to manage your team from the control centre without ever having to chase anyone down.

There’s no need to enter the field.  Set up Interax as a catch-all solution, or through its separate modules, to make sure everyone is kept on-target and is safe to keep working.  Avoid false alarms and keep everything – and everyone – accountable!