The clever little alarm handler, capable of sending alerts to your two-way radio, smartphone and email.

When it comes to handling fleets of radios and comms units, you are often going to need to keep your teams on high alert.  R-Linx is a line of fantastic alarm and alert integrators which will help you to send important messages and reports to various radios and devices on your professional network.

When you need to notify multiple two-way radio systems about an important development or an emergency, it is not always easy to keep everyone on the same page.  However, with R-Linx, you have full access to a suite of comms options to make sure you are dispatching the right messages to the right people.

R-Linx Options

There are several different R-Linx options available for you to pick from.  The entry-level system is the ‘One’, which will allow you to send physical messages and one-stage alerts to two-way radios and devices you oversee.  This way, you can always make sure that your team receives messages and demands as and when you need them to.

Beyond this, you can choose the R-Linx Alert system.  This offers a little more advancement in terms of technology and control, meaning you can contact and communicate with your radios across three stages of escalation, all while handling several inputs at once.  Alternatively, you could choose the full, Complete suite, which gives you all the power and access you need to send signals and messages to radio users in the field.


R-Linx systems will work with a variety of different brands and radios, meaning that whether you run a fleet on MOTOTRBO™ or Hytera, you’ll be able to communicate clearly from dispatch to recall.  The Complete service also offers lone worker functionality, which means you can keep extra tabs on those users who may be out on their own in the field, and who may be at potential risk.

Integration and Ease of Use

The whole point of R-Linx is to offer users incredible ease of use and complete control over their dispatching.  R-Linx connects seamlessly to various alarm systems, too, which means you can safely monitor for fire emergencies or other issues which mean you need to recall your team.  If an emergency happens, you are going to need to ensure you account for everybody!

R-Linx lets you tailor alerts and security warnings to various radios and users.  Therefore, you can easily customise which users receive which alerts, and can train them accordingly to respond quicker than ever before.  Efficient dispatch is all about responding instantly to problems – and with R-Linx, you can tweak alerts and alarms to be as efficient as possible.

R-Linx is browser-based, which means it is one of the easiest and quickest suites to set up and start using.  Therefore, there is no longer a need for you to fiddle around with complex hardware or multiple technologies.  One browser, several solutions – it really is a powerhouse.

If you are looking for new ways to monitor and manage your teams and radios, R-Linx offers you quick, comprehensive ways to ensure everyone is kept in check. Browse our other apps!