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Hytera Hytalk Sight Visual Dispatch System

Hytera‘s Hytalk Sight visual dispatch platform is a comprehensive body-worn camera (BWC) management solutions. Integrate video surveillance, visual scheduling, and one-touch communication Communicate with collaboration solutions that improve user experience. this effectively Remove barriers for frontline officers and commanders to obtain and exchange information.

With a user-friendly Hytera Hytalk Sight Visual Dispatch System interface, you can easily and quickly access live videos, photos, and more Audio recorded by BWC. At the touch of a button, you can talk to field staff. All provide clear and understandable information to improve situational awareness Ensure resource synchronisation and personnel safety.


Flexible Access

  • Supports standard protocols including ONVIF, T28181, and RTSP.
  • Allows the IPC, DVR, DVS, NVR, HVR, mobile phone, and other mainstream video devices to access the system through 3G/4G/WLAN networks.

Open Platform

  • Supports third-party applications such as face recognition, video surveillance, and information security.

Optimal Performance 

  • Provides 7×24 stable system services with built-in watchdog.
  • Can be deployed in public, private, or local area network.
  • Prevents unauthorized access by five-level permission management mechanism.

High Scalability 

  • Supports 1,000 devices and 1,000 clients on a single server.
  • Expands system capacity to incorporate 100,000 devices by cascading servers.

Diverse Features 

  • Visual dispatch: Video upload, video query, historical track playback, PTT call, remote device management, hierarchical user management, and log query.
  • Alarm notification: Emergency alarm, camera block alarm, and man down alarm.
  • Maps: Support Google Map, Baidu Map, Amap, and OpenStreetMap
  • Data security: Hierarchical management of users and devices.


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