Hytera DMR SmartDispatch

Powerful DMR dispatching application

Are you struggling to manage your fleets of Hytera DMR Tier II radios?  Hytera DMR SmartDispatch from the brand is designed to offer seamless, streamlined control and communications across the board.  Making use of a fantastic, flexible interface, Hytera SmartDispatch allows you to communicate with and support agents in the field from far and wide.  Using leading VoIP technology and more besides, it has never been easier for you to keep in touch with your teams.

While you may already struggle with multiple applications and hardware, SmartDispatch allows you to roll all of your control room demands into one simple, easily-digestible suite.  Rather than offering you one or two basic programs to run matters from, SmartDispatch allows you to keep tabs on all your Hytera fleets through a sole, fully-fledged operation.  It’s software which provides you with real-time access to mapping, radio configurations and more on a national scale.

It is one of the most flexible mapping and radio monitoring solutions on the UK market, making it an ideal choice for anyone struggling to keep tabs on their existing users and radios through traditional means.

Features to look for

What are the main benefits of the Hytera DMR SmartDispatch system?  As well as offering you clear eyes in the sky over your whole radio network, you can get in touch with your entire fleet with any type of voice call.  Dispatch through up to eight channels at any one time.  Record and playback any comms you enter into and search for previous conversations if you need to.

SmartDispatch also lets you take control of situations remotely.  This means that, as well as allowing you to communicate directly with your users and radios; you can use visual interfacing to connect and manipulate communications at any time.  The built-in GPS and smart map will let you monitor your users completely remotely, meaning that you can effectively see where your workers are while you’re talking to them.

If your Hytera radios arrive fitted with GPS, you’ll be able to glean fantastic, detailed information from said devices.  You can map user histories through GPS and send group texts and communications when you need to bring several users together.  The suite is an absolute asset in the event of an emergency.  Want to close off travel for your workers?  Set up geofencing – and get an alert whenever anyone breaches the conditions you set.

Ready When You Are

Conventional Management of your Radio Network

SmartDispatch is a control room suite which updates for you on a rolling basis.  Therefore, you can always be sure of precise GPS and the latest updates and enhancements to any features and facilities you may use.  You can even time and schedule messages, set emergency alarms, and integrate external third party applications such as Google Maps to enhance your control experience.  There’s never been a better way to dispatch, nor to keep track of who’s where.

Choose Hytera DMR SmartDispatch if you need help monitoring Hytera radios and devices on a regular basis – and you’ll never have to worry about drifting out of contact or losing focus ever again. Browse the rest of our apps!