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Hytera DMR SmartOne

Manage your entire radio fleet with one intuitive application

Hytera is a brand which specialises in some of the most efficient radio communications on the global market.  Hytera DMR SmartOne is their landmark communications centre, allowing dispatchers to keep close tabs on radio users across networks of varying sizes and complexities.  It should no longer be difficult for you to track, trace and communicate with a variety of users and workers in the field.  Regardless of the business or operation you run, it’s likely you will find Hytera SmartOne to offer you a genuine breath of fresh air in terms of unified comms technology.

Hytera SmartOne is designed to work with solo and multiple clients as you require.  Dispatch messages, open up communal channels and monitor your team’s progress via camera.  Record voice comms, too, to ensure everyone is clear and on the same page at all times.  SmartOne is not only smart in name – it is leading the way for smarter communications integration the world over.  Why not take full advantage?

Intuitive Communications Monitoring

Just as you would expect to monitor and communicate with radios on your Entel fleet through a standard two-way system, Entel’s dedicated app transforms any modern smartphone into a comms device all on its own.  This means that you have greater flexibility if you are already using a smartphone, and if you are finding it difficult to manage dispatch through other devices.

SmartOne is flexible and versatile in the sense that you can add in and manage several plug-ins and modules.  For example, why not install CCTV as part of your fleet monitoring?  If your workers drive around regularly, it may be useful to keep track of what they’re seeing.

Beyond this, you can also make use of Hytera GPS positioning to map your workers’ journeys in real-time.  Therefore, you will never lose track of which users are heading to which zones and jobs.  Worrying about people wasting time or going off-brief?  Make sure you have access to their precise location.

Send messages and emails as required and communicate widely through voice functions.  Set up individual calls or dispatch to multiple riders when an emergency arises.  You can even set up remote security for your radios and users, meaning that it’s easier than ever to deactivate devices on the go.  The power is completely in your hands.

Customise With Ease

Comprehensive dispatching solution

The SmartOne communications suite is well-known for being popular with dispatchers who work with multiple pieces of hardware and other software.  Therefore, you can adapt the interface to work with alternative apps, and you can even monitor radios that fall outside of the default configurations.

Above all, SmartOne is impressively easy to get to grips with.  While it may be impressively adaptable and capable of handling a huge array of tasks and concerns, training and handling the suite takes little time out of your schedule.  Therefore, multiple dispatchers can easily upskill onto the software in a matter of hours.

SmartOne is scalable and offers server backups should things fail unexpectedly.  Therefore, it is a dispatch program you can rely on to have your back when things go awry. Browse the rest of our apps!