Mobile Tornado Kiosk Mode

Mobile Tornado’s

With Mobile Tornado’s kiosk mode you can ensure that devices are always used correctly by limiting device functionalities. End-users can be stopped from changing device configuration or device settings. In addition, devices can be configured to run in single application mode so that the user can launch the PTToC application only or in multi-application mode where the user can use only whitelisted and approved applications.


mobile tornado kiosk mode

Mobile Tornado Kiosk Mode Benefits


No access to data on device. No worries about leakage of personal information’s or corporate data.


Configuration is available via the management portal.


Possible via authorised command console for limited time.


Prevents unnecessary use if corporate resources. Lock off any applications, system settings and notifications.

Recording FAQ

Does kiosk mode prevent device changes?

Kiosk mode prevents end-users from changing the device configuration or device settings. This can be done by configuring the device to run in single application mode which only allows the user to launch the push-to-talk over cellular application with no option to run other applications unless they are whitelisted and approved.

Can kiosk mode ensure that devices are used correctly?

With the proper configuration, kiosk mode prevents the device from being used in an unintended way but restricting or preventing any application usage other that the PTToC application. Alongside this, users have no access to personal data on the device to prevent personal information and corporate data from being leaked.

How do you whitelist applications in kiosk mode?

Configuration for kiosk mode is available in via the management portal, where you will the ability to whitelist and approve applications that can be used on the device while also allowing you to lock device settings and notifications.


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