Mobile Tornado Recording

Mobile Tornado’s patented IPRS™ Recording Server is a dedicated centralised repository for push-to-talk over cellular audio recordings for incidents debriefing and operation efficiency.

The system automatically records the major events associated with an emergency incident, including the time the call arrived, the time of acknowledgement by a controller and the time case closure.

The patented technology is proven to be superior to competing services and technologies.



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Mobile Tornado IPRS™ Recording platform

Mobile Tornado’s IRPS™ recording platform enables to record, retrieve and playback of Push-to-Talk over Cellular audio communications.


The IRPS™ Recording solution is capable of providing the following:

  • Search and retrieve sessions based on users & radio groups, dates & time
  • Display of call details (session name, call type, start/end time)
  • locate the specific voice-burst or listen to entire session in serial mode
  • Option to save recorded PTToC comms to the customer’s local storage
  • Multiple language support
  • Encryption support

Recording FAQ

How are push-to-talk over cellular recordings stored?

Mobile Tornado’s IRPS™ recording platform enables you to record, retrieve and playback  push-to-talk over cellular audio communications, with the option of to save recorded PTToC communications to the customer’s local storage.

How secure are push-to-talk over cellular recordings?

Mobile Tornado’s IRPS™ recording platform uses sophisticated encryption support to secure your push-to-talk over cellular recordings.

What information is available from push-to-talk over cellular recordings?

With the Mobile Tornado IRPS™ recording platform, you can search and retrieve sessions based on users, radios, groups, dates and times. You can also locate specific voice-bursts and display call details like session names and call types.


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