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A standalone web-based platform

SmartICS (part of the SmartPTT range) is a universal and flexible SCADA/IIoT software platform for creating professional automation and digitalisation systems without coding using the automated widgets, Drag & Drop tools and Plug & Play technology.

The web-based software product is implemented by the automated interface builder and visualization panels. This allows you to create a single information space for building automation and digitalization systems without coding using the built-in widget library for monitored parameters, Drag & Drop tools and Plug & Play technology.

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  • Reduces the time spent on installation and configuration by 3-4 times compared to classic SCADA systems.
  • Minimizes errors during system configuration and expansion by using the automated interface builder and visualization panels.
  • Customisable software interface according to the individual needs and tasks of each system user.
  • Calculates the exact price of the license on the system design stage: it depends not on the number of input/output signals from facilities but on the number of connected devices at a site.
  • Reduces the risk of industrial accidents by increasing the dispatcher’s focus using the situational awareness features of SmartICS’s interface. This feature presents the information more clearly and helps the dispatcher only see key parameter deviations.
  • Improves the quality of decision making by analysing the data from SmartICS’s reports on equipment performance.
  • Data Collection – from various devices (HMI panels, workstations, tablets), including IIoT equipment using industrial data transfer protocols.
  • Real-time equipment monitoring and control – Equipment state monitoring and visualisation using a set of widgets (sensors, bars, indicators, graphs, mnemonics, etc.)
  • Remote equipment management – using a set of control buttons of widget library.
  • Web access to data – from different devices (HMI panels, workstations, tablets).
  • Systems user permissions – Customisable user permissions (e.g monitoring only or monitoring and control).
  • Event logging  – Logging of events, operator actions, alarms and warning signals.



SmartICS User Interface Overview

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