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Voice Dispatch Solution

SmartPTT PLUS is a Motorola Solutions Sold & Supported dispatch software application for distributed MOTOTRBO™ radio networks. Standard functionalities include voice dispatch, texting, job ticketing, event logging and more. Optional features include GPS tracking, indoor location, voice recording, interoperability, telephone interconnect and a web client for remote system access. It supports both the digital functions of the MOTOTRBO™ radios or their analog mode for a seamless migration to a DMR system.

SmartPTT Dispatcher Console is the software application installed on a Windows-based PC, which can be located at any distance from the controlled radio networks. The Dispatcher Console connects to the SmartPTT Radioserver(s) via IP to perform dispatching functions. The PLUS Radioserver communicates to radio subscribers via an IP wireline connection using the Network Application Interface (NAI Voice and NAI Data).

SmartPTT PLUS supports operation in:

  • Conventional
  • Capacity Max
  • Capacity Plus
  • IP Site Connect
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • WAVE
  • Simplex (analog or digital)
  • Connect Plus
  • IP Site Connect (wide and local area time slots)

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  • Best solution for Capacity Max
  • Enhanced radio subscriber monitoring and management
  • Increased coordination of work
  • Personnel safety
  • Rapid response to emergency
  • Improved performance discipline of employees
  • Cost management
  • Elimination of data transmission errors
  • Increased call capacity
  • Voice Dispatch
  • Text and Data Transfer
  • GPS Tracking
  • Indoor Tracking
  • Event Logging
  • Voice Recording
  • Telephone Interconnect
  • Alarms and Lone Worker
  • Fleet Management
  • Job Ticketing
  • Telemetry
  • Data Web Client
  • Radio Network Bridging
  • Repeater Network Monitoring
  • Coverage Map
  • Direct IP Connection

Dispatch control over Linked Capacity Plus, Capacity Plus & IP Site Connect

Dispatch control over Capacity Max

SmartPTT PLUS Video

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