To keep in touch with your entire workforce, and to make sure that all of your specialists stay connected in the event of emergencies, you are going to need a flexible, scalable communications solution.  The SMC Gateway offers an incredible array of features which will benefit retail, security, construction and hospitality teams alike.  Connect and manage multiple radios and fleets with one simple device, removing the need for you to handle comms from multiple pieces of hardware.

The SMC Gateway allows you to plug in and play from the get-go.  Use one gateway to take full control of emergency functionality, message relay, third party connectivity and more.  In addition to all the above, the SMC gateway is IoT ready, which means that it can easily integrate with physical devices already communicating through Wi-Fi and 4G.

One Gateway, Multiple Solutions

The SMC Gateway is popular for its versatility and its intuitive approach to comms control.  You can connect multiple devices to each other through VoIP and GSM as well as through traditional radio channels.  You’ll also be able to track and monitor radio and comms users through one simple browser, meaning that there’s no longer any need to juggle multiple devices and multiple suites.  All you’ll ever need is right here in one simple box.

Another great reason to invest in the SMC Gateway is for its safety features.  Not only can you set up a gateway to handle emergencies thanks to its alarm system integration, you can also monitor lone workers at close distance.  Tune in on specific users to ensure that they receive all the support they need while out in the field.  Users can raise man down alarms, and you’ll be able to attend to them in a matter of seconds.

TaskZ functionality allows you to order and manage Hytera radios in your fleet with ease, meaning that you can deliver and dispatch multiple tasks and demands across multiple channels in just a handful of strokes and key presses.

Why Choose the SMC Gateway?

Another great reason to consider the SMC Gateway is, of course, for its bespoke tool support.  While many dispatch suites will expect you to acclimatise to preset software and modules, the SMC gateway gives you the fantastic option to build applications and tweak workflows.  Therefore, if you already struggle to create your own custom modules and flows, you will surely benefit from a more bespoke approach via the gateway.

An SMC Gateway will allow you to manage tasks, safety features and to ensure that your whole workforce is on the same page as you.  All good communication suites should be doing the same, but this system offers less in the way of physical muddle – everything you need is right here – just plug in and customise to your heart’s content.

If you manage a large array of Hytera devices and need a new, streamlined way to keep everyone on-page and reacting to the same tasks, make sure to invest in an SMC Gateway – your leading choice for close comms management.