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SMC Gateway V2

The SMC Gateway V2 is a software solution that allows developers to utilise SMC’s vast knowledge of devices and protocols to create powerful solutions and software products without having a deep understanding of each underlying protocol. Modules and behaviours are a fundamental building block of the V2. Modules contain everything needed to fulfil specific functions and behaviours allow for complex interactions between them.

In addition to our behaviour engine, the SMC Gateway V2 includes Node-RED. Node-RED is a programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways.


SMC also include Node-RED Dashboard. Dashboard provides a set of nodes in Node-RED to quickly create custom dashboards and web applications.

Once the solution is working as desired, take a snapshot of the configuration and load it onto our OEM product. OEM is SMC’s unbranded, cost effective unit that is scaled back to just run configs created on the V2.

In some instances when the problem is a one-off or where future tweaks need to be made quickly, or made by the customer, it may be beneficial to run the solution directly on the V2 Gateway and forgo the use of the OEM solution.

Browse the original SMC Gateway here.


Empower your staff to work smarter.

SMC Gateway is proud to present Task, an easy way to manage workloads, communicate and report. Empower your customers to streamline their workflow by improving communication and productivity.

Task works with radios, pagers, mobiles, and email. It’s Easy to use and no dedicated operator is required.
Our scalable task assignment system maximises staff productivity, slashes downtime and gives operators real time feedback.

SMC Gateway Task enables hotels, hospitals, schools, data centres and more to:

  •  Assign and track tasks
  •  Prioritise jobs throughout businesses
  •  Integrate with radio and phone systems
  •  Easily expand and adapt the system


Real Time Workforce and Asset Tracking.

Track is a fully-featured and versatile stand-alone solution, totally browser based, with no need for any installation or bespoke software. It provides all the means required to track and control DMR-based mobile, portable and fixed terminals. This is one of many interconnected applications common to the SMC gateway, which work together to provide flexible custom solutions.

  • Real Time GPS tracking of DMR radios and Mobile devices
  •  Custom mapping
  •  Off-line mapping
  •  Platform agnostic (web application)
  •  Emergency detection with auto zoom
  • Safety of Personnel and Assets
  • Route and time management
  • Maintenance monitoring
  • Alarm reporting


Every Radio Call, Logged and Stored.
When things go wrong, you want a full audit trail.
Introducing Record, the solution that makes sure you know you who said what and when.
  • Easy to deploy
  • GDPR compliant
  • Radio IDs recorded
  • Time and date searchable
  • Downloadable recordings


The Smart Way to Build your Custom Solution.
Develop is a Development kit containing the following:
  • Gateway V2
  • Choice of connecting leads.
  • OEM Gateway
  • Support Pack
  • Half a day of training


Connectivity between your personnel and onsite systems is paramount in terms of situational awareness, safety and efficiency. The SMC Gateway V2 allows you to integrate a range of solutions together for seamless communication from a voice and/or data standpoint. Here are just some of the examples:

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