TRBOnet Agent

TRBOnet is a name that many control rooms may already be familiar with.  The brand operates several suites and tools to help you monitor and manage Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ devices across the board.  The TRBOnet Agent system is one of the most popular on the market, and for good reasons.

What sets Agent apart from other suites and software available to control rooms right now is the fact that it is, essentially, a control suite right out of the box.  It’s presented as a remote control room, which means everything you need to manage and control fleets of MOTOTRBO™ radios is right here in one package.

Designed for use alongside the fantastic TRBOnet Enterprise and Plus suites, TRBOnet Agent allows you to set up a remote control room without the need for closeness to target radios.  It could help to solve multiple connectivity issues.  Above all, TRBOnet Agent slides in nicely into any TRBOnet array, meaning that there is never any concerns about having to juggle several additional systems at once.

How Can TRBOnet Agent Help?

TRBOnet Agent is not unlike a patch or an upgrade.  If you run a control centre or dispatch operation and struggle to maintain connectivity with radios in your fleets, then you will likely need help with latency in your network.  Are you struggling with poor quality connections and audio?  TRBOnet Agent will help you to find solutions to network problems without you having to do any additional research or technical fiddling on your own.

What’s more, TRBOnet Agent is ideal to patch into your system if you want to connect more than one radio network into your server.  This setup can lead to performance issues even immediately.  Therefore, if you do wish to cater to more devices, users and radios, TRBOnet Agent will ensure you have the right pathways towards effective communications.

It may sound like a lot to take in, but TRBOnet Agent is a module that is always easy to use.  It is one of the best plug-ins and add-ons available for dispatch suites in the UK right now.  We recommend you bring in and patch TRBOnet Agent the moment you notice any problems in latency or audio communication from control room to radio.

Setting Up

TRBOnet’s brilliant range of products are easy to set up and use at any time.  Unlike control systems and dispatch centres of old, TRBOnet Agent is one of many modules which has a simple user interface and an understanding of what users are looking for.  You are not always going to have the time to get to grips with new software and technology, which means a system that’s smooth and simple to hit the ground running with is always welcome.

What’s more, it is not always so easy to spot when there are problems with your network or the way that you communicate with radios.  What TRBOnet Agent does is remove any and all issues from the equation to ensure that you can continue speaking clearly with the users who need you the most.  Choose TRBOnet Agent if you already use Enterprise or Plus and need a helping hand fixing teething issues.