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TRBOnet Mobile App

While you can always monitor MOTOTRBO™ devices through traditional control rooms and suites, the world is going mobile!  If your radio users can head to the road, so can you.  The TRBOnet Mobile App allows you to effectively set up a control room and dispatch solution on the go.  If you need to run a flexible operation when monitoring and managing the radios and users in your fleet, then you may be keen to monitor everything via app.

TRBOnet’s pioneering technology and amazing user interfaces translate perfectly to both iOS and Android devices.  Therefore, while the standalone applications and full suites may offer you a broader range of features and facilities, it may surprise you just how flexible and capable the official mobile app from the brand can be on the go.

TRBOnet is a brand we are always happy to host for.  They specialise in keeping MOTOTRBO™ devices connected, and with Motorola Solutions two-way radios being some of the most popular devices in the country, it’s hardly surprising that their technology is continuing to turn heads.

Using a Dispatch App for Mobile

Using the TRBOnet mobile app couldn’t be easier.  This program integrates perfectly with most smart devices and offers real-time communication and location services across 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.  Therefore, providing you have a data connection and a leading smartphone or tablet, you can easily connect to all the radios in your fleet.

Using a simple, intuitive interface designed for use on the go, the TRBOnet mobile app gives you access to call switching, emergency alerts, SMS, intercom services and more.  Need to speak directly with a specific worker or user?  Choose a private call.  Need to relay an emergency or important message to several radios at once?  Choose group call.  It’s just as you will find on most fully-fledged suites for browsers and PCs.

Getting your smartphone ready to monitor and connect with MOTOTRBO™ devices couldn’t be easier.  You can even set up and confirm job tickets with agents, meaning that you’ll always be able to track who is doing what, and where.  It’s an awful lot of control in the palm of your hand!

Download Today

The mobile app offered by TRBOnet is leading the way in terms of incredible functionality in such a simple package.  While the brand’s solutions are famous for being precise and comprehensive on a PC and browser level, the app offers a lighter, less busy alternative.  However, this doesn’t mean it is any less capable!

In fact, you may find it surprising how much you can do from one app or mobile device.  If you need to keep your control room moving, or can’t tie down to any one location, don’t worry.  Download and configure TRBOnet’s app and get in touch with all the MOTOTRBO™ radios you wish to.

We’d recommend you use the app alongside a TRBOnet application or suite for in-house comms, too – why not take a look at our wider ranges of services and packages?  Contact our team, too, if we can be of any further help.