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TRBOnet’s range of command and control software solutions are widely acclaimed.  TRBOnet PLUS is a landmark communications suite which allows you to manage your teams and devices effectively and efficiently.  It is an IP-based software platform which gives you access to a vast and powerful array of functionality on a single console – such as a desktop PC.

Better still, TRBOnet PLUS can become the true hub of your day-to-day operations and crisis management by offering intelligent integration with an array of systems. With TRBOnet PLUS, you can bring your businesses disparate networks under the same umbrella – radios, telephony, smartphones, door access systems, email and more.  Now you can easily manage devices and systems in one clean, flexible interface without the need to muddle around with multiple applications.

Supported by the experts

Sold and supported by Motorola Solutions via DTS, TRBOnet PLUS can be directly connected into the highest-tier networks in the MOTOTRBO™ range – including Capacity Plus and Capacity Max. This will allow you to work with MOTOTRBO™ networks of varying sizes and capabilities without having to think about donor (gateway) radios.  It’s easy to shrink and expand, meaning that if you need to grow your operation, TRBOnet PLUS will grow with you.

As with the vast majority of TRBOnet’s products, TRBOnet PLUS suite is super-scalable.  Therefore, whether you run a small operation or dispatch large fleets, you can add and remove modules as much or as little as you need. You can also restrict access to features where needed, based on user credentials.

CONNECT: Talk to your teams on their device of choice using TRBOnet’s intuitive voice dispatch features. Issue tasks via text message or the job ticketing feature. Know the live status of each member of your team on one central panel.

PROTECT: Monitor your lone-workers centrally and know where your team is via GPS and indoor mapping overlays. Guard tour and route management features give you an even greater degree of process automation and proactive awareness.

CONTROL: If an emergency situation arises, you’ll be the first to know. By monitoring multiple talkgroups and knowing where your resources are, you can best deal with any scenario. Link disparate teams together through group patch or IP system bridging to turn a disjointed operation into a coordinated response.

RECORD: All voice and data generated by TRBOnet PLUS is recorded. Helpful user-defined reporting tools let you see how your teams are performing.

Why Choose the TRBOnet Plus?

There are plenty of fantastic reasons to choose TRBOnet PLUS.  It is secure and simple to use – it is the sister model of the popular TRBOnet Enterprise suite, making it a leading name in complete comms control.  No matter how large or how small your teams and fleets may be, you’ll be able to oversee all users across vast distances on their device of choice – be it a radio, smartphone, tablet or PC.  Communicate to select groups from the comfort of your computer and command situations with the push of a button.

TRBOnet understands that communication needs will vary from operation to operation.  What’s more, comms needs can change rapidly from day to day.  TRBOnet PLUS has been built from the ground up with this in mind. There are few better ways out there to manage your fleet, and TRBOnet Plus allows you to do it all with minimal equipment, and very little training.