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TRBOnet Watch

When running dispatch, you are going to need to keep close tabs on multiple radios at any given time.  Why rely on outdated software?  TRBOnet Watch gives you complete access to a client-server suite where you can track multiple radios at any one time.  If you don’t have resources to monitor radios and users physically, you will need support from a flexible, intuitive interface which is always ready for customisation.

TRBOnet Watch is built to cater to absolutely all MOTOTRBO™ devices.  This means you immediately have a lot of scope.  No matter how large or how complex your radio networks may be, Watch will give you real-time analysis as and when you need it.  Want to track and support individual radios?  Using an interface designed for plug-and-play ease, TRBOnet Watch will cover you completely – it’s an on-demand health monitor for all your devices.

Setting up and features

TRBOnet Watch runs via IP, which means there’s minimal need for any kind of complex setup.  This will be a relief for anyone working in control rooms who have plenty of hardware and cabling to juggle already!  Therefore, you can hit the ground running with a streamlined user interface that tells you where you need to go with minimal training or reading.

TRBOnet Watch allows you to monitor various channels and all sessions across MOTOTRBO™ devices.  Take advantage of full logging and reporting on all radios in your control.  Track channel changes and repeaters from one or two screen.  Watch traffic and get instant alerts when any devices drop out.

Watch will let you know as and when there are technical issues in your wider networks and will give you support on what to do next.  As it is often incredibly hard for you to keep a close eye on all radios at all times, help from a fully-fledged health monitor will likely give you the efficiency and guidance you deserve.

Why Use TRBOnet Watch?

Making sure that all your team and all your radios are up and running isn’t an easy task.  While there may be many systems and suites out there which allow you to communicate freely with your fleets, few give you the opportunity to health check and monitor all your equipment on the go.  TRBOnet Watch is the perfect asset to any comms or control room unit in need of extra help keeping things safe and secure.  A dropping signal or lack of contact from a radio or user could prove to be fatal.  What if you need to get in touch with an agent or worker in an emergency?

You can use TRBOnet Watch with a variety of different software and suites otherwise, meaning that it won’t have to be your only interface.  Set up a secure way to monitor all the radios in your network without ever having to leave your control suite.

TRBOnet is a brand we are very happy to support, and Watch software leads the way in terms of efficient safety monitoring for MOTOTRBO devices across the board.