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Blog: As Technology Evolves, So Should Your Security Measures          Published: 04/07/2022

As Technology Evolves, So Should Your Security Measures

As the world becomes increasingly connected, businesses must be aware of the evolving threats to their physical and online security. Traditional security measures, such as locks and alarms, are no longer enough to deter sophisticated criminals. Instead, businesses should take a holistic approach to security, incorporating biometric authentication, perimeter intrusion detection, and body worn cameras into their security protocols. Read on as we explain the value of keeping your security measures in check with advances in new technology.

Permanent Connectivity

Wi-Fi/4G body worn cameras such as the HALO Horizon S3 provide live footage of antisocial activity and criminality even in areas that lack established CCTV cameras. Accurate and unambiguous footage of an incident is often all that is needed in many cases to identify and successfully prosecute perpetrators. A body worn camera with live-streaming capability is particularly useful as it can be wirelessly connected to a central controller and user dashboard. This means that body worn camera footage can be viewed alongside CCTV camera feeds for a true “3D view” of an incident.


What's next?

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