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CBES is the preferred security installer for leading retail provider Asda who, in 2016, identified the need to re-think its key security policy around challenging aggressive behaviour towards staff. Initially deploying to 250 sites, Asda has since grown its roll-out of Motorola Solutions VB400 body-worn cameras to 630 stores. Originally deployed within stores considered the highest risk of crime, the roll-out from 250 to 630 stores has been strategically implemented to provide improvement in customer and colleague safety at sites with the greatest need.

Customer Profile

Organisation: Asda & CBES

Industry: Retail/ Security

Location: UK

body worn cameras

Key Benefits

• HD video & audio recording
• Excellent battery life
• Robust, secure and encrypted
• Suitable for any uniform type
• Pre-record function available
• Easy to use hardware & software
• Background noise reduction
• Day/night operation
• Connected for swift response

The Aim

To improve the safety of staff and the public, whilst producing compelling evidence when needed.

Since deploying their chosen body-worn cameras in 2016, Asda has since upgraded to the latest model from Motorola Solutions, the VB400. Capable of shift-long recording, and boasting connectivity features such as Wi-Fi steaming, peer assisted recording and pre/post recording, the VB400 is the most feature-rich body-worn camera available today.


To ensure the system was installed quickly and would immediately deliver results, CBES and Edesix, now part of Motorola Solutions, worked closely to design and install a tailored wearable CCTV deployment system perfectly suited to the Asda’s needs. As a result of this partnering strategy, which relied on both the innovative nature of the technology and communication between all parties, this leading retailer has been able to improve colleague security, diffusing aggressive, volatile situations and reduce valued investigation time, thus reducing costs.

Designed as a system which is intuitive to use, and requires minimum training for those wearing the body-worn cameras, the deployment was simple and integrated easily to staff daily working processes. Thanks to the system’s ability to scale, it has easily adapted and grown as Asda multiplied its camera deployments over time. Having worked closely with CBES and Asda to determine the most appropriate networking and data management solution for the cameras, they were able to establish how Asda intended to share, store and utilise recorded footage, and in turn designed a deployment plan and system set-up that addressed their needs. This has allowed for additional cameras to be added, for additional storage to be integrated, and for CBES to maintain the system for the retailer, with minimal disturbance to processes already in place.



1,800 body-worn cameras.


EdgeControllers, DockControllers and RFID Readers to match available network bandwidth at site locations.


630 sites, and growing.


On-Premises VideoManager licenced software for managing footage.


Having worked closely with CBES and Asda to enable efficient store deployments of body-worn cameras, Asda’s utilisation of the devices has grown significantly over the past 4 years.

Supporting store security professionals, body-worn cameras have secured numerous convictions relating to theft and violence against staff, and are playing a crucial role in keeping the public safe.


• Confrontation prevention
• Quicker & just handling of incidents, insurance matters and complaints
• Less aggression by members of the public towards camera wearers
• Evaluate protocols
• Improve best work practices


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