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Benidorm is a seaside resort on the famous Costa Blanca in Valencia, Eastern Spain. Having been a small fishing village until the 1960s, it is now a popular Mediterranean holiday destination, famous for its nightlife. Benidorm council is a public organisation formed by the Mayor and elected councillors and is responsible for municipal services, including the local police. The local police concentrate primarily on law and order enforcement, dealing with minor incidents, crime prevention and traffic control, for example. There are currently more than 250 local police officers patrolling Benidorm’s streets, who, when necessary, work alongside the Civil Guard and the National Police. These officers are now using a Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ radio network and radios to communicate with each other and central dispatchers.

Customer Profile

Organisation: Benidorm Council (Local Police)

Industry: Local Government

Location: Benidorm, Spain

Key Benefits:

  • Improved coverage, clearer audio and secure, encrypted communications
  • Enhanced functionality such as data transfer, GPS, dispatch, and time and location stamped voice recording
  • Digital network utilising the same frequencies as the analogue network
  • Easy parallel migration without any loss of service
  • Faster incident response and increased officer productivity and efficiency
  • Excellent user feedback

Motorola Solutions Products:

MOTOTRBO™ IP Site Connect UHF system comprising:

  • 3 x MOTOTRBO™ SLR 5500 repeaters
  • 4 x MOTOTRBO™ DM4600e mobile two-way radios used as base stations
  • 20 x MOTOTRBO™ DM4601e mobile two-way radios installed in police vehicles
  • 130 x MOTOTRBO™ DP4401e portable two-way radios
  • 10 x MOTOTRBO™ DP3441e portable two-way radios
  • 130 x Motorola Solutions Remote Speaker Microphones (RSMs)

The Challenge

The local police force in Benidorm had been communicating over a Motorola Solutions analogue network for the past 25 years. However, the council, who is responsible for the local police, knew it was time to update to the latest digital technology and all it could offer, such as improved coverage, greater capacity, scalability and clearer, encrypted and private communications, as well as advanced functionality including data transmissions, GPS and time and location stamped call recording.

The council has been working with a Motorola Solutions Platinum Reseller, for several years to service its analogue network; and, following a public tender, it chose to continue to work with the partner, who provided a competitive proposal tailored to the needs of the local police. Indeed, the partner has 30 years’ experience working with many other councils and local police forces across Spain, as well as fire and rescue services, emergency services and public safety agencies. The partners head office is in Madrid, but it established offices in Valencia a few years ago and now has over 25 staff across the two offices. Between its technicians and commercial staff, it has shown great technical knowhow, managing the Benidorm council and other clients directly from its base in Valencia. The partner recommended a MOTORBO™ IP Site Connect network; the council, representing the local police, was happy to follow the recommendation, as it had been so impressed with the reliability and longevity of the Motorola Solutions analogue network it had been using for more than 25 years.

The Solution

The MOTOTRBO™ SLR 5500 repeaters were installed in the Gran Hotel Bali, where the analogue repeaters were previously located. From this hotel, which is the highest in
Europe, coverage can extend across the entire municipality. The local police selected a new UHF system to keep the same frequencies used by the old analogue system; a UHF system also offers better range and capacity in a densely built-up area like Benidorm, where there is already a lot of radio traffic. During the roll-out of the MOTORBO™ IP Site Connect network, the two systems were operating in parallel for a time, to ensure no loss of service. Communications currently take place across various channels between different work groups, including a frequent-users group, urban traffic management and seasonal users who police the tourist beaches. However, thanks to the scalability of the system, it is easy to set up other groups at any point, in line with the force’s needs.

The dispatchers in the police control room use the four MOTOTRBO™ DM4600e two-way mobile radios configured as base stations, connected to the SmartPTT dispatch system for instantaneous communications with the officers on patrol and to help them manage incidents. The dispatchers can locate each officer with pinpoint precision at any moment, using the SmartPTT solution which receives their position via the MOTOTRBO™ radios’ integrated GPS. The local police also record all the communications, with a time and location stamped system needed for them to be able to present the recordings as evidence during a trial or dispute. Other mobile radios, meanwhile, are installed in police vehicles and all
officers carry a portable radio attached to their belt which, together with the RSMs, enables hands-free operation. Senior officials based at police checkpoints are equipped with the incredibly compact DP3441e models,


The new MOTOTRBO™ IP Site Connect system meets the current and future needs of the police and is easily scalable, being able to use an IP network to extend coverage. The network is used for hundreds of voice and data communications daily and the local police is very happy with the results, specifically citing audio clarity and quality of communications, the peace of mind that call privacy offers, and the extended functionality: for example, the ability to transfer data and the GPS positioning. Dispatchers can locate officers easily and manage them much more efficiently, to improve incident response times and safety, both for the public and officers, who can consequently work more productively.

In a wider sense, the MOTOTRBO™ system is contributing to mid- and long-term cost savings for the council, thanks to the efficiency of the new network and radios, which are powered by intelligent, adaptive IMPRES batteries that offer longer life than standard batteries.

Customer Review

“Our new MOTOTRBO network offers greater capacity, extended coverage and improved functionality. Communications are clear and secure and we have a comprehensive archive of all communications. The dispatch system and integrated GPS enable us to cut incident response times and increase the efficiency and productivity of our officers, who are delighted with the new radios and the system. Our partner continues to be a proactive and reliable.”


Maria Angeles Alonso, Benidorm Local Police Headquarters

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