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Motorola Solutions CLP446 Radios for Retail

The European DIY retail market is highly competitive. As in all DIY outlets, customers in this European DIY store regularly approach staff asking for help with finding a particular item or with a query about pricing. The member of staff often needs to be able to contact other employees quickly for the answer.

Staff had been issued with DECT phones to contact each other via a private branch exchange,  but this method proved slow. The user had to choose from a list of staff names to pick the right one and, if the other member of staff was unavailable, they would have to try someone else. It was an inefficient way of responding to a customer query. The DECT phones were also cumbersome to carry.

The store needed a solution that would enable staff to put out a query that would reach other members of staff without delay, so that they could answer the query instantly. It brought in two Motorola Solutions partners. The partners installed 1,600 CLP446 two-way radios across all 160 stores, so that every member of staff now has a CLP446 two-way radio with an earpiece. The CLP446 radios, which have been created specifically for the retail market, have a sleek and clutter-free design with an embedded antenna. They are comfortable to wear and very easy to use – the employee simply has to press a large central button to talk to other users. The adoption of the radios has made a big difference to the speed and efficiency with which staff are able to respond to customers.

“Motorola Solutions CLP446 radios can transform the ability of staff to communicate in-store. They make it easy for members of staff to locate and speak to each other, and the earpieces supplied with the radios give excellent audio quality, as well as a high level of discretion. Implementation of the CLP446 system means retailers can respond to in-store requests much more quickly and efficiently, enhancing customer satisfaction.” 

Vivienne Francis, Motorola Solutions VP Channel Sales & Operations


The DECT phones used by staff to contact each other were an inefficient way of communicating in a busy, pressured store. Customers wanted to know the answers to queries quickly – not have to wait while a member of staff called other employees for the answer.

The store wanted to improve its customer service so that, when a customer approached a staff member with a query, the employee would be able to find the answer instantly. The company needed communications devices that would enable employees to contact each other easily and speedily.


The Motorola Solutions partners installed 1,600 Motorola Solutions CLP446 two-way radios across every store. Each radio is lightweight, with no external antenna, and clips to the user’s clothing. The radios couldn’t be simpler to use. If a user wants to contact another individual member of staff, instead of having to select a name from a list of staff, they simply press the large central button on the radio and say the individual’s name. They can also put a call out to all other members of staff to answer a query.

The excellent audio quality means that, even in a busy store, users can hear each other clearly. The use of earpieces means that calls are kept private, so customers are not disrupted by overhearing staff calls. The battery provides 14 hours of talk time, so that each radio easily lasts an entire shift.


The Motorola Solutions CLP446 two-way radios have enabled in-store staff to respond much more quickly to customer queries. If a customer has a question about pricing, for example, the member of staff no longer has to scroll through a list of names to find the right person; they can simply press a button, speak the person’s name and make instant contact. It is equally easy to put a general call out to all members of staff, so that the right person can answer the query.

Staff have found the CLP446 two-way radios easy to carry and to use. The radios are lightweight, sleek and stylish. The Smart Status Glow light enables users to see instantly whether a message is coming in or the battery is running low. The clarity of the high-quality audio enables users to understand each other easily, so that there is minimal delay in finding an answer to a question. Store customers are unable to overhear the conversation as the radios are equipped with earpieces designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The retailer now provides a smoother, more efficient service to customers, with the result that it has seen an increase in customers using its stores. The radios have been so successful that they are being extended to other brands within the group.