Two Way Radios & Walkie Talkie Systems for Schools

A wide range of equipment and solutions for the education sector.

Two-way radios play a huge part in keeping nurseries, schools, colleges and universities safer and more secure.  All the above establishments owe its students, staff and visitors duty of care while they are on campus and offsite on organised trips. Two-way radios are a popular solution for the education industry for not only communicating instantly between staff but because of their rugged and reliable design which will always get them through an action-packed day.

DTS Solutions are specialists in the Education sector, dealing with everyone from small primary schools using low-cost licence-free radios to world-renowned universities working across 8 repeater sites with 1000 feature-rich radios!

The benefits of two-way radio communication within schools is endless! Please see below a list of the main points:

  • Protection of staff in classrooms
  • Safety of students
  • Incident reporting
  • Management of support staff
  • Implementation of emergency plans
  • Co-ordination of on-campus activities
  • Management of field trips and events
  • Security and maintenance on site

Due to the vast scale of technology within the radio industry we offer a wide range of solutions from low-high tier enabling us to successfully meet client’s budgets. We have successfully implemented large two-way radio systems across many of the largest and well-known universities and colleges across the UK and many schools and nurseries. It is with this experience that we are extremely knowledgeable on which solution will be best for you and your needs.

At DTS we offer site surveys for all industries. Contact our sales team for further information about these and the above!

Check out the tabs below to see what we recommend!

Motorola XT460

Perfect for primary and lower schools, Motorola’s XT460 operates without the need for an Ofcom licence (licence-free). It’s low-cost and crisp audio make it the portable device of choice across the classroom, playground or sports field. Being licence-free, the XT460 can be used throughout the UK, making it ideal to take on school trips and days out. 

Hytera PD365/ PD365LF

Another licence-free option for smaller schools, Hytera’s PD365LF provides all the benefits of digital (DMR). One-to-one calls, pre-set “canned” text messaging and more are all possible! Purchase an Ofcom licence and select the licenced PD365 for more power and greater radio range. Whether used by first aiders, teaching staff, fire marshals or reception, the PD3 series radio remains discreet and offers an outstanding 12 hours battery life in digital mode. 

Motorola DP4000e Series

Across larger colleges and university campuses, Motorola’s DP4000e series keeps you connected and in control. As rugged, waterproof digital radios, the DP4000e series can be used by security, maintenance and management staff. As feature rich radios, they can also offer lone-worker, man-down, indoor/outdoor positioning (via TRBOnet), telephone integration and much more! 

MotoTRBO Capacity Plus

Motorola’s popular trunking platform has been deployed by DTS are large colleges and universities throughout the UK. It allows each department to have their own virtual group on a central radio network, with system capacity being allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. In a site-wide emergency or evacuation situation, the “All Call” feature can be utilised to connect everyone together at the push of a button! DTS work alongside our clients in the education sector to define how many sites and how much capacity on each site is required. 

SMC Gateway

If your staff need to be notified of onsite alarms on-the-go, you need an SMC Gateway. If your staff need to use their radio to speak to those with a telephone (or vice versa), you need an SMC Gateway. If you need a cost effective emergency escalation plan for your onsite systems such as fire, intruder and building management, you need an SMC Gateway. As close to a communication “one size fits all” as it’s possible to get, the SMC Gateway connects pretty much anything to pretty much anything else!      

XT460 for Tendring Technical College

Tendring Technology College has around 2,000 pupils aged 11-18 and is based in the south-east of England. The school was recently awarded an ‘outstanding’ rating by the Office for Standards in Education. The college continually evaluates its curriculum to ensure it keeps pace with equirements both from the government and for the needs of young people, giving them the skills to enter the world of work, further education and higher education.

Watergall School Case Study

A community Primary School in the heart of North Bretton has chosen a Hytera solution to improve and enhance their communication protocol.

Safeguarding Students at Cambridge University

With students and staff travelling between colleges and faculties across the city, it is imperative that security patrols have clear and reliable wide area communications at all times to perform their duties effectively.

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