DTS offer robust, reliable and secure communication solutions for the healthcare industry in a number of variants for environments such as hospitals, care homes, surgeries and pharmacies. Due to the size of many healthcare establishments it is important that communication is covered across all departments whether it is individual or group calling. 

The safety of workers and patients is paramount and introducing a robust and reliable communication solution can achieve this on a day-to-day basis. With patient care and health relying heavily on instant communication, it is vital that we work closely with our clients within the industry to find a bespoke system that suits their requirements, keeping all staff members connected and to reduce safety risks.

With the two-way radio industry evolving at a rapid rate, we can offer extra apps/ features to ensure patient and staff safety is the number one priority. Apps such as lone worker and man down not only help to increase safety but also gives workers peace of mind when working individually or as part of a team.

Not only do we supply two-way radio solutions to the healthcare industry but we also offer a broad range of paging solutions. Our paging solutions streamline communication within all healthcare facilities and ensure instant and smooth communication between staff members to give patients a welcoming environment.

The range of two-way radios and paging solutions  we offer to this industry is vast! We cater for all budgets and requirements and offer an extensive range of accessories. The radios and pagers we offer give a rugged and reliable solution to cope with the harshest conditions, offering full site coverage.  

Summary – Why is it vital for Healthcare facilities to have two-way radios or pagers?

  • Health & Safety
  • Successful communication between staff to ensure patient safety and act on emergencies quickly
  • Facility coverage
  • Efficient control of staff locations
  • Individual and group calling
  • Rugged and reliable equipment
  • Paging solutions
  • Apps/ features available to increase safety

At DTS we offer site surveys for all industries. Contact our sales team for further information about these and the above!

Check out the tabs below to see what we recommend!

Hytera PD685(G)

Popular within NHS and private hospitals for it’s small, discreet size yet outstanding feature set, Hytera’s PD685 and PD685G digital radios are used by porters, security staff and managers to stay in touch inside and outside hospital buildings. As well as 2-way voice functionality, the PD685 can also receive/send texts and pages and receive job tickets. The PD685 is rugged and durable, offering IP67 rating for dust and liquid ingression.

Swissphone s.Quad voice

Despite the decline of pagers across almost every other market sector, paging is still one of the main forms of communication in hospitals in the UK. It allows staff to be reached on a one-way basis, meaning that they can respond at their convenience and not have to stop an important conversation with a patient to talk instantly. As a text and voice pager, the S.Quad can be used by staff at any level, including teams responding to cardiac arrests and other critical emergencies. 

TRBOnet Enterprise

Remaining in control of your healthcare communication systems can be a challenge on the best day! In an emergency situation, time can be wasted trying to contact staff that aren’t even on shift or available. In the healthcare sector, every single second counts. TRBOnet software keeps you in control allowing you to see the status of your staff and where they are on a range of different devices. Handle emergencies and coordinate your teams in the fastest and most effective way possible via TRBOnet’s user friendly interface working from your tablet, PC, laptop or even your smartphone. 

SMC Gateway

“Alarm fatigue” is becoming a commonly used phrase in hospitals today. Clinical staff receive so many messages from nurse call, building management and paging systems, it can become impossible to filter out which ones you need to respond to and which ones you don’t. The SMC Gateway unifies all of your alarm and third party systems, looking intelligently at which person needs which message and on which device. If the allocated person doesn’t respond to a message within an allocated period of time, no problem. The SMC Gateway will know to escalate the message to the relevant individual or group on their pager, radio, Smartphone, tablet or email!


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