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Blog: How Two-Way Radio Communication Can Enhance Safety In Schools     Published: 16/09/2021

How Two-Way Radio Communication Can Enhance Safety In Schools

Covid aside, safety and security are never far from the top of the agenda in schools. As well as the day-to-day duty of educating hundreds of children of different ages, schools also undertake the role of having secure childcare providers, catering to a wide range of safety needs, and mitigating a variety of security issues. These include bullying and antisocial behaviour among pupils, physical or verbal abuse directed at staff, theft or attempted burglaries by people outside the school, accidents, and building maintenance issues, among other factors.

For large schools that are often distributed over several main buildings, learning facilities, and outdoor areas, two-way radios provide a vital means of communication between staff. Therefore, improving safety and enabling rapid responses to emergencies.

Two-way radios can enhance your school security system in the following ways:

What two-way radio equipment do you need for a school?

There is now a wide range of licence-free radios designed specifically for use in the educational sector, which are available at a low cost to schools from leading manufacturers. Our DTS Education catalogue includes a choice of handsets, accessories, and supporting infrastructure, all designed to be durable, effective, and easy to use.

Next steps

At DTS Solutions, we work with schools, universities, colleges, and nurseries to help improve safety and security through effective two-way radios. We can help you choose the best two-way radios for schools and establish the most cost-effective infrastructure for your needs.

So, to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team members today.


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