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News: Hytera launches AP515LF & BP515LF enhanced licence-free radios          Published: 05/08/2022

Hytera launches AP515LF & BP515LF enhanced licence-free radios  

Hytera’s enhanced range of business Licence-Free two-way radios provides professional, instant, simple communication for small to medium business operations. This range consists of 2 device options namely, the AP515LF which operates in analogue mode and the BP515LF which supports both digital and analogue. Both were designed and engineered with features to keep you connected and can be ready for use straight out of the box!

The AP515LF


The perfect choice for instant communication. With a 3W speaker, the compact and light AP515LF can deliver loud and clear audio that allows you to hear and be heard in background noise. It has an incredibly long 25-hour battery life. Type-C USB charge plug allows users to charge the radio with a power bank anywhere. With the extended range and a bunch of productivity and efficiency increasing features, the AP515LF will ensure you stay connected and productive.

Hytera AP515LF Licence Free Analogue Two-Way Radio

Hytera BP515LF Licence Free Digital & Analogue Radio

The BP515LF


Powerful digital features like priority interrupt, basic encryption, text messaging, roaming will enhance your business service. The BP515LF has extended range in class and features 256 channels, making group communication more flexible.

Licence Free Radios


Hytera is pleased to announce the release of two new licence-free radios. The AP515LF and BP515LF radios are robust, compact, light, reliable and easy to operate. These plug-and-play devices are designed to be used straight out of the box, making them the perfect communication tool for people unfamiliar with two-way radios.