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Productivity and safety in the workplace rely on a number of factors, but perhaps the most important is that employees are able to communicate effectively and efficiently at all times.

Any breakdown in communication can have widespread consequences; from losing an individual sale on the shop floor, to stock being delayed and the supply chain disrupted to – in the most extreme circumstances – emergency provisions not getting where they need to be when they are most needed.

Digital two-way radios in business and emergency situations already create a solid foundation for effective communications and this can be further boosted by the ability to add enhanced audio communication accessories – like those within the Motorola IMPRESä range.

In this blog we look at the main benefits of upgrading the audio ability of your digital two-way radio network.

Hearing over the noise

Within a calm environment, a standard communication network can be enough to ensure messages are getting through to their intended recipient – and can be heard.

The problem is the day-to-day hussle of a business is not often calm and emergency scenarios are never silent.

A digital two-way communication network, therefore, needs to be smart enough to recognise background noise and suppress it so messages can get through.

IMPRES accessories include technology which can detect ambient noise levels and compensate to reduce the impact of external noise, ensuring the recipient can concentrate on the message being relayed and not on trying to hear the message over the background noise – and risking mishearing an instruction.

Audio quality

When you’re struggling to hear someone through a radio or other device how often is your first instinct to just increase the volume on the handset and expect that to solve the problem?

This makes the assumption that audio quality is purely about the volume – which it hardly ever is.

When it comes to communication in the workplace, intelligibility and clarity are far more important and ensuring your system remains solid across systems and users is essential.

Too often though this is not considered within a business environment and workers find themselves working within a system where volume varies between loud and soft, intelligibility goes up and down and clarity is inconsistent.

Accessories within the IMPRES solutions can negate these problems because they automatically adjust the microphone sensitivity within the two-way radio to ensure consistency and better communications.

Agile and reliable

While a digital two-way radio network can have blanket benefits to any business, on the individual level, a company is likely to want to adapt the solution to their specific needs.

For this to happen, workers need to be given equipment and devices which can be easily configured to these needs and be confident their devices will remain reliable.

With this in mind you should be looking for solutions which undergo significant stress testing and meet the highest industry standards.

MOTOTBRO radios and IMPRES audio accessories all undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can be deployed within any business or emergency scenario so employees have the confidence their communications won’t let them down.

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