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News: The Hytera AP325 and BP365 Range of Ultra-light Next Generation Business Radios          Published: 11/07/2023

Elevate the performance of your operations with a new generation of business radios

AP325 & BP365 SERIES

Hytera’s New Ultra-light, compact AP325 and BP365 Next Generation Range of Business Radios is designed to empower commercial business users across multi-faceted industries and scenarios. This range gives users a more reliable, and extended communication coverage distance with a brand-new RF solution. The AP325 is a pure analogue radio without display and keypad whilst the BP365 is a DMR and Analogue radio with 0.9 inch OLED display and simple keypad (including navigation keys and two additional programmable keys P1, P2). They each come in 2 variants, one with 400-440 MHz and another one with 430-470 MHz. The BP365 is additionally available with built-in Bluetooth.

Discover the AP325 ultra-light analogue business radio


The Hytera AP325 analogue portable business radio empowers commercial operations based in industries such as supermarkets, hotels, and logistics, by enhancing efficiency and productivity through efficient and reliable communication. It audibly conveys information such as channel names, zones and battery level, so users can immediately know the radio’s status. This device is a must-have communication tool for day-to-day operations.

Discover the hytera AP325 ultra-light analogue business radio

Discover the hytera BP365 ultra-light business radio that supports both digital and analogue modes

Discover the BP365 ultra-light business radio that supports both digital and analogue modes


The Hytera BP365 packs innovative features into a thinner and lighter body and supports both DMR and analogue modes. It features a long-lasting battery, best-in-class audio, and rugged housing. The two-slot TDMA technology allows two groups of users to communicate independently at the same time and on the same frequency. This radio is designed to enhance efficiency and productivity for users working at hotels, logistics, and more.