News: Introducing TWO NEW Klick Fast Docks     Published: 21/09/2021

Introducing TWO NEW Klick Fast Docks

Peter Jones have added NEW KLICK FAST Docks to their range. These new products were developed in conjunction with customers based on specific positioning or practical requirements.

As you are aware, Peter Jones KLICK FAST System offers a simple, secure and hands-free method of carrying portable devices such as two-way radios, body-worn video cameras, smartphones, gas detectors, handcuffs, batons, incapacitant sprays etc., to clothing and other surfaces.  A KLICK FAST Connector, attached to a device or holder, slides and locks easily into any KLICK FAST Dock located anywhere on the body, vehicle dashboards, lockers and bicycle handlebars. Once docked, the device can be rotated to any of seven ratcheted positions according to comfort and access preferences. The device undocks quickly by rotating it to its inverted position and sliding it free of the KLICK FAST Dock.

Leather Belt Loop with KLICK FAST Dock & Velcro Fastening

(Product Code: DOCK05BVELCRO)

This soft leather belt loop features a Velcro hook and loop inner lining and a KLICK FAST Dock on the front. It can be unfolded, wrapped around a belt and secured in place with the Velcro.  This is a great alternative to our classic leather belt loop if you want to fit it to your belt quickly without removing the belt and other accessories already attached to the belt. It fits belts up to 60mm wide.

Once in place, any device or device holder fitted with a KLICK FAST Connector can then be carried securely and hands free on your belt.


KLICK FAST Button Dock

(Product Code: DOCKBUTTONM - for Male Shirts/ Product Code: DOCKBUTTONF - for Female Shirts)

The KLICK FAST Button Dock is designed for use on button-down shirts and is particularly useful for carrying devices that need to be located right in the centre of the chest, e.g. body-worn video cameras. The “S”-shaped design attaches to a shirt placket by means of two shirt buttons. The slim profile ensures the attached device is carried as close as possible to the body.

A version is available for both male shirts that have buttons on the right and female shirts that have buttons on the left.


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