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Founded in 1839, Lancashire Constabulary covers an area of 1,189 square miles, or 3,080km², and serves a richly diverse community numbering nearly 1.5 million in the county of Lancashire, North-West England. The force covers a hugely varying geographic area from coastal towns like Blackpool and Morecambe to rural communities and busy cities, each with their own specific policing needs. With its HQ in Hutton, near Preston, the force currently employs more than 3,000 officers and over 2,500 police staff, including PCSOs, special constabulary offices, police cadets and community volunteers. Lancashire Constabulary has a successful long-standing relationship with Motorola Solutions, having utilised its radios for many years and the Pronto Digital Policing Application since 2015.

Customer Profile

Organisation: Lancashire Constabulary

Industry: Public Safety

Location: UK

body worn cameras

The Challenge

Police forces rely on body-worn cameras to improve the safety and accountability of their frontline teams, capture evidence and maintain transparency. Lancashire Constabulary’s previous body-worn camera solution was coming to end-of-life and out of contract and was facing various challenges: for example, it was quite a lengthy process to sign a camera out of the station, and officers couldn’t tag their recorded footage into Pronto until they returned to the station at the end of their shift. This was a time-consuming, manual process that could lead to delays or inaccuracies. Footage could only be accessed on one computer in the station, upload speeds were slow and a dwindling pool of cameras was also causing availability issues. Therefore, once Lancashire Constabulary had run its own due diligence and trials, had seen how the Motorola Solutions body-worn cameras could be easily integrated into its existing Pronto application, and had considered the capabilities and performance the Motorola Solutions VB400s offer, they were the obvious choice.

The Solution

Lancashire Constabulary has deployed 2,200 Motorola Solutions VB400 body-worn cameras with quick release studs, which slot into the receptors on the officers’ stab vests. Deployment was fast and seamless and training exceptionally quick, as the system is so easy to use. Now, any officer coming into any station across Lancashire at the start of their shift only has to quickly swipe their card to have the most suitable VB400 camera allocated to them: a camera which is fully charged, with all footage from the previous shift downloaded and removed and processed for the next user. The camera status is shown by colour-coded LED lights.

In the field, when officers need to report an incident, they open up their electronic Pocket Notebook in Motorola Solutions’ Pronto Digital Policing Application. Lancashire Constabulary utilises all of Pronto’s available modules, from Stop and Search to Crash and Collision reporting, Electronic Witness Statement to Roads Policing, Hosting and Biometrics to the latest additions of COVID-19 Ticket App and Remote Telephone Statements, to digitally record incidents in the field. In this way reports are immediately available in Lancashire Constabulary’s systems. The VB400 Companion APP is now embedded within the Pocket Notebook, so if officers have taken body camera video footage of an incident, they can use Pronto to view the list of recordings stored on their camera and tag a link to that footage into their form and report in all Pronto workflows, so ensuring their file is complete with all available evidence, in real-time, whilst they are on the go. The Motorola Solutions VB400s also have an integrated automatic 30-second video pre-recording feature, to ensure officers don’t miss the beginning of any incident, which can prove invaluable for effective evidence capture.

The VB400s can record for up to 12 hours on a single charge and, when officers return to their stations at the end of their shift, they dock the cameras into the VB400 docking stations for charging and automatic footage upload to the central police Premise network; this normally only takes a matter of minutes, thanks to Motorola Solutions’ advanced compression technology. The customised Motorola Solutions VideoManager digital evidence management desktop application, meanwhile, integrates seamlessly with the force’s evidence management systems to allow officers to view footage on any computer.


Dave Hannan summarises: “Although a lot of police forces across the UK are using either Pronto or Motorola Solutions body-worn cameras, we are the first to combine the two solutions. We’ve been superbly supported by the Motorola team, both the wider team and the body-worn specific team, who are always very quick to respond to any of our needs or queries. And we’re really seeing the benefits of the interconnected system. The cameras are so robust and reliable, the system is so easy to use and the pool set-up ensures high availability for every officer. Ultimately, it’s been a great success as the integration is seamless and it’s significantly improving our teams’ efficiency and productivity, as well as our ability to prosecute offenders and safeguard vulnerable victims.” Indeed, the new technology is helping Lancashire’s police officers to significantly speed up decision making, capture evidence and maintain accountability and transparency, both within and between departments and communities.

Looking forward, Motorola Solutions and Lancashire Constabulary are currently discussing other ways they could further streamline processes using Motorola Solutions comprehensive mission-critical portfolio, a portfolio that has been designed to meet the unique requirements of the UK’s emergency services.

Customer Review

This investment is about giving our officers the optimal tools for the job, so they can best serve and safeguard our citizens, whilst improving their own safety. The easy-to-use Pronto and body-worn system from Motorola Solutions is enabling our teams to work quickly and efficiently. It’s seamless policing that ensures we have real-time end-to-end workflows. The solution is improving the availability and quality of evidence our officers gather – a key element in bringing offenders to justice, especially those who take part in crime that is naturally more difficult to prosecute, such as domestic abuse and public order offences. It also reduces the chances of evidence being lost via automatic deletion.


Dave Hannan, Chief Inspector, Lancashire Constabulary


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