Two-way radios play a vital part in the safety of all mariners who venture out on the water, whether offshore or on inland waterways. VHF marine radios are used for a variety of purposes including; contacting harbours & marinas, summoning rescue services or ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship communication.

DTS.Solutions (U.K)’s specialist ATEX & Off-Shore branch, based in Great Yarmouth, have the knowledge and experience to assist you when choosing the right radio for your specific application. By getting to know how you work and what your working environment is, we will select the perfect radios for you. 

Our office in Great Yarmouth plays a vital role in the local offshore industry as we are a well-established, ATEX rated approved supplier. We supply a wide range of products to suit our customers’ requirements and our very competitive rates have gained us long standing, loyal clients both locally and from all over the country. With strong local knowledge, a fast growing local customer base and continued success in an   ever-evolving industry DTS Solutions is certainly the company to trust.

On top of the ‘Five Cs of Communication’ Coverage, Capacity, Cost, Control and Capabilities you have additional factors to consider when choosing a Marine radio, these are:

  • Waterproofing
  • Battery life
  • Buoyancy
  • Noise cancelling
  • Emergency protocols
  • Last call recording 
  • Scanning functions
  • Reliability

The range of two-way radios we offer to this industry is vast! We cater for all budgets and requirements and offer an extensive range of accessories. The radios we have on offer give a rugged and durable solution to cope with the harshest conditions, offering full site coverage. We also offer radios that are dust resistant and waterproof which are extremely popular within this sector to extend equipment life. 

At DTS we offer site surveys for all industries. Contact our sales team for further information about these and the above!

Check out the tabs below to see what we recommend!

ICOM IC-M25 (Marine & Offshore)

Icom have recently replaced the popular IC-M23 with this brand new handheld VHF with sleek design – the IC-M25 EURO. Combining fantastic features with compact style is the name of the game with this radio – Icom have really raised the bar with this marine VHF following on from what they did so well with the M23. 

ICOM IC-M73 (Marine & Offshore)

Icom IC-M73 PLUS VHF Radio - Based upon the IC-M71, which has become the choice of many maritime professionals across the globe, the IC-M73 PLUS contains many of the features that made the IC-M71 popular but also incorporates two new important features; a new voice recording function and Icom’s Active Noise Cancelling Technology.

ICOM IC-M93D (Marine & Offshore)

The IC-M93D EURO VHF/DSC handheld radio is the successor to the popular IC-M91D. Stylish and slim, this new Icom handheld contains an abundance of features including a dedicated built-in DSC receiver (meets ITU-R M.493-13 Class D DSC), internal GPS and active noise cancelling technology. In addition, an intuitive interface coupled with 2.3 inch full dot matrix high-contrast display and soft keypad makes this a comfortable and easy handportable to operate.

Hytera PD7 Series (ATEX)

For many experts two-way radios represent an indispensable tool in their day-to-day work. For those working in environments containing explosive gases, combustible dust, or in the mining, manufacturing or offshore industry, safety is of particular importance.

With their outstandingly robust design and intrinsic safety The DMR PD715 Ex and PD795 Ex handheld radios from Hytera guarantee reliable communication in such hazardous environments.

Motorola DP4000 Series (ATEX)

Motorola’s MOTOTRBO DP4000 Ex Series ATEX radios provide high quality communication with comprehensive user safety and class leading ATEX specifications allowing use when in environments containing potentially explosive gas and dust.

Motorola is a world leader in the development and deployment of digital radio communication solutions, and the DP4000 Ex Series ATEX radios include a powerful feature set to harness the benefits of MOTOTRBO to deliver safe and reliable communications for users.

Text Messaging & Emails


Text Messaging Services provides an easy to use, intuitive interface. A simple configuration enables PC-to-radio Text Messaging. Advanced digital technology supports data applications, including Text Messaging and Email Services which enables text-format communication between radios and dispatch systems, between radios and email-addressable devices, and to remote PC clients attached to radios.

Man Down


The Man Down option will let you know if the radio has been tilted at a certain angle. This may happen for instance if the radio user has fallen over or is unconscious or injured. At this angle, or if the phone is horizontal, the alarm will be triggered after a warning is issued to the user.

Lone Worker


Through your digital two-way radios, you can have a support package to ensure all of your staff are within easy reach, in real time. By utilising the PTT on a two-way radio the user when notified presses and releases to confirm that they are OK if the user does not communicate within the pre-defined time the radio will then go into an ‘emergency mode’. Utilising a loud audible tone the radio will warn the user to respond, if they do not it will set the emergency procedure into play, the radio controller and other users will then be notified.

Job Ticketing


Job Ticketing is an extremely simple, yet efficient task management tool that allows dispatchers to create, assign and track tasks (job tickets) across the radio network. Jobs can be accepted, declined and finished by radio units by a radio button click or by a predefined text message. You can build reports to see how many tasks have been assigned their statuses within a time interval.

MOTOTRBO for Search and Rescue

Lowland Rescue was conceived and created in 1991, with the association of 4 original teams. Over the past 25 years it has grown into 36 Teams, with over 1800 professionally qualified Volunteers, covering over a third of the UK. They are members of UKSAR, alongside Mountains Rescue and the RNLI, providing official Search and Rescue coverage “From Hill to High Water”, whenever requested.

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