Mission Statement

DTS.Solutions (U.K) Ltd’s vision is to provide future-proofed and cost-effective communication solutions that improve productivity, increase safety and enhance security for our clients.  

Our Mission is to provide our clients with the right devices on the right networks at the right time – providing the right solution –  to enable our clients to achieve their objectives. To deliver on this aspiration DTS.Solutions (U.K) Ltd places particular emphasis upon experience, expertise, capability, reliability, safety and quality. As a company, our aim is to provide only equipment and associated services which have the necessary qualities to attain our goal, which is to exceed our customers’ expectations. 

We achieve this through Teamwork, Quality, Training & Development, Health & Safety, Respect for our Environment & our Communities.  

The DTS Team are our heartbeat, and our ethical system of work is our backbone:  

  • We learn from the past. We emphasise the values that have been the core of DTS’s success for over 30 years. Many of the DTS team have been with us for decades. We look to their vast array of knowledge and experience.  
  • We focus on the present. We set our standards high, rewarding good work and focusing on quality to build our policies and guide our staff. We concentrate on achieving excellence in every aspect of our business, all whilst keeping sustainability and client satisfaction at the centre. We invest in the “here and now” by working closely and proactively with our staff, our clients and our suppliers to shape mutually-beneficial and long-lasting relationships.  
  • We build for the future. We empower our staff to build on their knowledge, with all training funded by DTS. We actively engage with local Colleges and Educational establishments, employing apprentices to support all areas of our business. Over 50% of our annual profit is re-invested back into DTS, ensuring we continue to grow and evolve whilst maintaining our quality.