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What Makes the Motorola Solutions EVX-S24 Perfect for Hospitality?

When running a hospitality service, clear communication is key!  Anyone visiting your holiday park, leisure facility or hotel is going to rely on you and your staff to provide an incredible 5-star experience.  How else to do that but to make sure their every need is catered to?  But how do you solve every query that comes your way?  You approach other members of your team for help, of course!

Two-way radios have been a big part of hospitality services for some time now.  Technology has evolved to the point where we really can’t be without them!  How else can you communicate instantly and effectively with a team member on the other side of a resort?  What if you need to help resolve customer queries, but the specialists who can support you are all out on site?  You’re going to need to depend on a reliable two-way radio that’s well-received by other industry professionals.

The Motorola Solutions EVX-S24 is a two-way radio built for the leisure industry.  To say it’s making waves is putting things mildly!  But what makes it stand head and shoulders above the competition?

Reliable in Any Emergency

All good two-way radios should be reliable no matter what problems may arise.  The Motorola Solutions EVX-S24 is available in both black and yellow, compact and ideal for regular use in hospitality environments for a variety of reasons.  For one, it is cunningly engineered to be used in a pinch.  It’s discreet, comfortable to wear, and can be activated and used with just a touch of a button.

It’s perfect for emergency communications, too.  This means you can rely upon the Motorola Solutions EVX-S24 to discreetly raise the alarm to security personnel and other team members without making a situation worse.  This means if a situation needs to be diffused without the added drama, you can go right ahead and let your radio raise the flag for you.

Durability in All Environments

While Motorola Solutions has long been producing fantastic radios for hospitality use, the EVX-S24 is particularly suited to hotel and leisure environments.  This is because it can be completely submerged in water!  Perfect for lifeguards, pool staff and more, it’s also resistant to dust, which means you can rely on it to withstand almost anything your job throws at you.

As a two-way digital radio, its modern design is built to tackle all manner of modern problems.  It arrives with speed dial functionality, multiple scan options and an extensive display for such a small device.  It also has an impressively powerful 256 channel capacity, meaning you can rely on it to offer you complete clarity no matter how wet things get – and no matter where your team members may be scattered.

Is the Motorola Solutions EVX-S24 Right for You?

The EVX-S24 is a two-way radio built by the industry experts Motorola Solutions specifically for the use in this type of environment.  To be able to provide customers with superb service, you’re going to need to be in touch with everyone in your team.  What’s more, you’ll need a lightweight, comfortable radio that can handle any liquid or debris that may come its way.  The Motorola Solutions EVX-S24 does all of this and much, much more!

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