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Blog: Motorola’s Safety Reimagined Safe Hospitality: Why is it Beneficial?         Published: 16/12/2022

Motorola’s Safety Reimagined Safe Hospitality: Why is it Beneficial?

In the hospitality industry, where fast and effective onsite communication between colleagues is the key to good customer service, having a unified communication platform can help deliver exceptional customer satisfaction and bring other benefits to your business.

In this article, we’ll explain why hospitality business owners should consider Motorola’s Safety Reimagined.



What is Safety Reimagined?

Safety Reimagined from Motorola Solutions combines voice, data, video, and analytics in a single business communication platform, customisable to the needs of each customer. For example, its voice communication function can include two way radio solutions, which are integrated with video systems like security cameras, body worn cameras, or AI data analytics technology.

The platform was created to improve communications so your hospitality team can manage customer experiences more effectively and respond to incidents quickly.

The four steps to follow when using Safety Reimagined are: detect, analyse, communicate and respond. Each can be used in different scenarios and are implemented through a variety of tech products, but the common goal is to deliver improved safety and communication for employees and customers.

The benefits of Motorola Safety Reimagined for hospitality businesses:

1) Responsiveness

With this unified platform, all communications are streamlined and your team doesn’t waste unnecessary time gathering data before taking action. Hospitality businesses can benefit from fast and seamless communications that make for enhanced safety and high-quality customer service.

2) Improved safety

Motorola Solutions platform is a safety-oriented ecosystem that prioritises staff and guest safety during normal operations and whenever an incident happens. High safety levels set the basis for a positive working environment, where your staff feel motivated to work efficiently and go the extra mile for your customers.

Therefore, a platform like Safety Reimagined can increase efficiency and productivity in your hospitality business.

3) Reduced costs

Poor safety has financial implications for any business, and especially so in a highly public facing industry such as hospitality. One bad experience is enough to damage your company’s reputation through poor reviews on social media, which can lead to lost business. That’s not to mention the costs of actually doing remedial work if something goes wrong.

A robust safety platform can reduce or eliminate those expenses, as you don’t have to pay different vendors to set up, maintain, and upgrade the different aspects of a solid safety system.

Next steps

At DTS Solutions, we provide a variety of Motorola two-way radios and communication devices, as well as expert advice on choosing the right communication strategy for your hospitality business. Visit our Safe Hospitality Page to see in detail how Safety Reimagined works in different use cases.