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Safety Reimagined FAQs

What is the Motorola Solutions Safety Reimagined Eco-system?

Safety Reimagined is Motorola Solutions technology eco-system that unifies voice, data, video and analytics in one integrated platform. It reveals new insights, enables better decision making, and connects and empowers individuals who keep our communities safe and our world moving forward.

What is a Motorola Solutions Safety Reimagined Partner?

To become a Safety Reimagined Partner, a company must have completed all the necessary Partner Program requirements focused on training and development. This ensures that all approved Safety Reimagined Partners have both the knowledge and experience to advise and implement the perfect solution for you.

Who are DTS. Solutions (U.K) Ltd?

Established in 1988, DTS. Solutions (U.K) Ltd are officially the first company in the U.K to become a  Safety Reimagined Partner. DTS are a Solutions supplier that specialises in deploying integrated solutions that operate seamlessly

What are the benefits of employing a Safety Reimagined Program Partner?

When considering a Safety Reimagined solution, the Partner must gather and document the details of your established Voice, Data, Video and Analytics equipment and any changes or additions that they deem appropriate to support your security needs. This process results in a formal ‘Site Walk’ presentation, which is then sent to  Motorola Solutions and Avigilon for approval and validation. In short, by selecting a Safety Reimagined Partner, you can rest assure that the proposed solution is perfectly aligned with your goals.

Why did DTS. Solutions invest in the Safety Reimagined Program?

It is DTS’s mission to provide future-proof and cost-effective solutions that improve Productivity, Safety and Security. DTS support our clients by providing the appropriate devices with the ideal level of integration. The Safety Reimagined Program ensures that the solution provided enables our clients to achieve their objectives.

DTS Quote

"DTS. Solutions are proud to become the first Safety Reimagined Partner in the United Kingdom, which recognises our investment in our team's continual Training and Development. In addition to the training element, DTS has also made a financial investment in the equipment required to implement a Safety Reimagined Solution successfully. We want to create a one-stop-shop for all our client's voice, data, video and analytics needs."

Amanda Pickering, Director.

Motorola Solutions Quote

"Safety Reimagined is an incredibly important development within Motorola Solutions which allows us to unify the video and communications aspects of our business. Working with integrated platforms gives us greater opportunity to deliver solutions to help solve customer problems and improve Safety, efficiency and productivity on site. It's great to have DTS certified as a Safety Reimagined partner, they have always been a forward thinking company and early adopter of our programs and technologies, I look forward to seeing the development of solutions and success they can bring to the project"

Craig Calvert, Channel Sales Director







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