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Expansive global study identifies new safety movement driving public safety & enterprise innovation

Motorola Solutions partnered with Goldsmiths, University of London and research shows how the pandemic redefined expectations, accelerated innovation & changed our attitudes about technology for public safety.

Key findings from survey of 12,000 global citizens

Safety expectations

88% of citizens globally want public safety transformed through the use of advanced technology

Advanced technologies

71% of citizens say advanced technologies such as video, analytics, cybersecurity & cloud are needed

Data privacy

75% of citizens are willing to trust organizations to hold their information if used appropriately

Public engagement

68% want to use technology to help, such as sharing images or video with public safety agencies

What did we learn from the research respondents?

Key findings highlight a new era in public safety

History shows that times of crisis and disruption can stimulate great change and boost innovation. The global pandemic has been no exception. The study’s three key findings highlight a new era in public safety.

Safety Expectations Redefined

The shared global experience of the pandemic has redefined our perspectives on what safety means and how technology can be used to keep us safe.

Accelerated Innovation

The pandemic accelerated the development & deployment of technologies that keep people safe, such as cloud-based, video security, interoperable & mission-critical communications solutions.

Trust & Transparency

When people understand & trust the technologies being used & the objectives of safety providers, they’re more willing to accept technology & share their own data to enhance safety.

How are businesses using technology to maintain safety?

Motorola Solutions interviewed 12,000 citizens and 50 public safety agencies, enterprises and industry experts from around the world to understand how the pandemic fuelled the need to use technologies in different ways to address new challenges within a rapidly evolving environment.

Transport for London


"We decided body-worn video could have a positive impact in keeping our staff and passengers safe."

Police Scotland


"We rolled out mobile technology for officers before the pandemic but it’s been a game changer."

Perry Township Schools


"We were able to share examples of alarms with parents & demonstrate how it made children safer."

Los Angeles Airport Police


"We’ve been able to validate and improve procedures and increase overall safety and efficiency."

San Diego County Sheriff's


"Interoperability allows us to communicate with other jurisdictions."

Boston Police Department


"We accelerated the implementation of broadband push-to-talk."



"Technology is helping to keep citizens informed & is restoring their confidence."

Municipality of Madrid


"Robust, seamless & reliable communication between our emergency service organisations is integral."

Norwegian Emergency Health Services


"The new control room solution allows for significant improvements to efficiency and scalability."

National Emergency Number Association


"As far as data is concerned, it can really save lives."

Fire & Rescue New South Wales


"If you introduce new technology, it’s got to be seamless."

Ambulance Victoria


“We want the smartest tools at their disposal that allow them to focus on what matters most.”

Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)


“Having [video] capability highlights just how crucial technology has become during this pandemic.”

Making our world safer through technology

Our shared experience has galvanised us & strengthened our resolve to stay safe – and we’re more aware than ever of the vital role technology can play.

Transforming Safety Through Technology

The global study analyses how the pandemic heightened awareness of the need for technology to enhance public safety and identifies three major trends that define how public expectations about safety and technology are evolving.

Ten Takeaways for Public Safety and Enterprise

The pandemic changed the way we think about safety and highlighted the need to look at things differently – from assessing risks to integrating technologies for business continuity, and the need to collaborate with our communities.

“Technology has kept us connected, entertained and productive throughout the pandemic. We have also observed the important way it has supported public safety agencies and commercial industries in delivering their services while keeping us safe.”

Mahesh Saptharishi – Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Motorola Solutions

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