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The NNTN8359 battery for the DP4000 Ex radio family has been revised to offer easier battery storage through reduced maintenance requirements.

Previously, the NNTN8359 batteries in storage required a boost charge to 100% charge every 6 months. The innovative IMPRES circuit design has now been enhanced for the NNTN8359 to only require a boost charge to 50% every 12 months. New batteries delivered from the factory will still require a boost charge to greater than 50% charge within 1 month of receipt to ensure optimum performance.

You can identify these new batteries by checking the last character of the part number on the battery label. The new batteries will have the part number NNTN8359C.

  • Dimensions HxWxD (mm): 135 x 54.48 x 20.8
  • Weight (g): 220g
  • Chemistry: Li-Ion
  • Typical battery life Analogue (Hrs): 16
  • Typical battery life Digital (Hrs): 19
  • Capacity [mAH]: 2075mAh (Typical), 1800mAh (Minimum)
  • No. of Charge cycles: 500 Operating
  • Temperature Range (°c): -10 to +55 (discharge) 0 to +45 (charging)
  • IP Rating: IP67 (IP64 within ATEX Environment)
  • Intrinsic Safety Standard: ATEX / IECEX