OFCOM Area Defined

An Area Defined licence allows you exclusive use of a frequency within a defined area. This area can encompass a 50km2 map square, a country or you can choose to operate the frequency across the United Kingdom.

Cost is based on the area you wish to cover and your choice of frequency and range from £75 for operation within a map square to £9900 for UK wide operation of a 12.5kHz duplex.

An important note on licensed frequencies:

The Ofcom licence you hold, or buy, denotes the frequency that your radios will operate on. If you already have radios in use and would like to add to your fleet, we will need to program your radios to work together. If need any advice please speak to a member of our licence management team on 01480 407740 or email them directly licensing@dts.solutions.

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  • Hytera
  • Kenwood
  • Motorola
  • Motto
  • TBO
  • Vertex
  • Sepura