OFCOM Simple Site

An OFCOM Simple Site licence is required when the applicant uses localised voice and paging systems for sites using a base station and antenna. Return messages cannot be sent to the base station. The coverage area is required to be within the premises or perimeter of a local site, completely under the control of the licensee such as factories, nursing homes and housing associations. Licensees (or in practice their suppliers) choose from a range of frequencies shared with other users of this type of licence. Typical distance covered is up to three kilometres.

Cost: £75 for five years

An important note on licensed frequencies:

The Ofcom licence you hold, or buy, denotes the frequency that your radios will operate on. If you already have radios in use and would like to add to your fleet, we will need to program your radios to work together. If need any advice please speak to a member of our licence management team on 01480 407740 or email them directly licensing@dts.solutions.


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