AK6592 – 2talk PRO Bluetooth Wireless Intercom headset headband

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The SWATCOM 2talk pro headband is fully integrated communications headsets. Simply turn them on, pair them to another 2talk set and you will have encrypted, full duplex communications between the two sets. Just like talking on a phone, no wires, no buttons, no radios, just two the two headsets.

Noise and poor communications can compromise safety and greatly reduce productivity. With the SWATCOM 2talk Pro headset you will greatly increase the operators safety and productivity through improved, reliable communications, leading to reduced downtime, widely used for Arbistry, Manufacturing, Aviation Ground Support & Airplane De-Icing.

Communications between operators has never been so simple! No need for any hand signals, shouting and having to stop work. No buttons to push and hold in when talking simply turn the headsets to ON and carry on working. The FULL DUPLEX feature enables both operators to talk to each other at the same time, just like talking on the phone.

Please be aware you will need a minimum of 2 SWATCOM 2Talk headsets in order to pair up & communicate using these headsets, if you purchase 1 headset then you are going to recieve 1 headset (Not a pair).

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Black Headband, Yellow Headband


Swatcom Headset

SWATCOM provided high quality communication solutions. They offer off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions for professional user’s around the world, to enhance their communication and personal safety, in some of the most demanding environments.

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